Microsoft and GitHub $7.5 billion Deal Gets EU Approval

Microsoft and GitHub $7.5 billion Deal Gets EU Approval
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Microsoft and GitHub are closing in on a deal which initially raised a lot of suspicions and unease. One, particularly felt by users of GitHub towards Microsoft, as notably observed by the European Union? The Trade, being worth $7.5 billion is huge and mouth watering to GitHub -A web based hosting service for version control mostly used for computer coding by more than 28 million code developers.

Microsoft wants GitHub and GitHub wants to be sold, but the EU wants a level playing ground, for all those involved in the deal mainly the developers community on the GitHub platform across the world. 

Thankfully, Microsoft currently stands safe and rock-solid away from EU anti-trust problems however, despite all these the Commission is yet to give the deal a green flag to go ahead as planned between both parties (Microsoft and GitHub). The European Commission will make its final decision on the trade-deal come nineteenth of October, as it clearly reveals it does not have anti-trust issues of any kind in relation to the deal -Reports from Reuters.

June of this year, saw Microsoft made speculations concerning the deal not long after it made a heavyweight purchase of LinkedIn at a price tag of $26 billion back in 2016.  Microsoft intends to use GitHub to expand its cloud computing business -which is commendable and worthy of an applause, that is if you're a cool fan of Microsoft-. It will compete with Amazons Cloud Service in the foreseeable future (AMZN.O).

Okay, like all other assets Microsoft acquires (thanks to its revenue amounting to the order of billions of dollars), GitHub is destined to be integrated into Microsoft Intelligent Cloud unit.

There were serious concerns as to whether Microsoft would pull-the-plug on GitHub's open platform and preferentially promote its entities over that of its rivals, but gratefully, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella spoke out and calmed a lot of tensed nerves down after he swept all speculations under the carpet, by indicating that Microsoft will continue to support GitHub's open platform which will continually co-function along with its cloud services. 

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