Samsung Unveils It’s First DisplayHDR-Certified 49-inch Gaming Monitor

Although not having a clear resemblance with the dimensions of a vehicular Windshield, the Samsung’s new 49-inch monitor boasts of a 49-inch diagonal and a 32:9 aspect ratio, Which intimidates those of Previous generations of ultrawide displays of as little as 21:9. 
With a price Tag of $999, the Samsung CHG90 (full model number: LC49HG90DMNXZA) supports AMD’s FreeSync 2, HDR, and the new VESA DisplayHDR standard. The latter is a real breakthrough; VESA’s DisplayHDR standard refers to the brightness (in nits) of the panel. The CHG90 qualifies for DisplayHDR 600; Samsung makes it known that this means the panel is designed to display HDR content “in well lit indoor lighting Environment.”

The All-Rounder Monitor

This monitor is here to stay, quite unlike others which have their drawbacks (although that's subjective based on the specs that fulfils needs of Consumers) like; professional-grade displays with hardware-calibrated color and IPS panels with 4K support available, but not actually ideal for gaming. Suitable gaming panels that support FreeSync and/or G-Sync are available, but most often than not lack high image quality. 4K TVs with HDR support have been in the market for some time now, but have FreeSync/G-Sync support absent. Few monitors and OLED televisions are available, with very fast reload speeds, but they don’t always support HDR or Adaptive Sync (the generic VESA name for the features engrained into FreeSync as referenced by AMD, and G-Sync by Nvidia). 

Despite the Notion of Highs and Lows which exist between Panel-colour-Richness and Graphics support for Games among variants of Monitors being Quite Agreeable, More and More displays which contain mixed High-end Features are beginning to make their welcome Entrances into the Market place. The CHG90 doesn't quite embody all the juicy features, like a more-than-4K resolution however, it outperforms most of the other Monitor displays.

Well, the cost of acquiring a CHG90 Monitor is not really within the price range of a regular monitor display but you get a performance that outmatches one. Furthermore, it's heavily credited width does come with a challenge of it's own in terms of the general resolution output. It’s not a rare occurrence for 3440×1440 displays to ship in 27-inch and 34-inch form factors, but this 49-inch panel has a resolution of a mere 3840×1080. whatsoever content that's watched on it by you in 4K will have broad black bars on both sides as the 32:9 aspect ratio is currently not supported by both modern movies and TV.

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