What! A 15ft-tall exoskeleton that can accelerate up to 20mph

Furrion, an Elkhart-based firm founded in 2002 which Manufactures Superior High-grade electronics and luxury appliances has left the tech world gushing with Wonder as it Unveiled a 15-foot tall racing exoskeleton called "Prosthesis" at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas just this year. This however should not be misinterpreted as a robotic machine, but rather an Exoskeleton (in the likeness of a Metallic suite). It reaches a height of 4.2 meters (13.8ft) and spans 5 meters wide (16ft).It weighs a staggering 8,000lb (3,600kg) and is controlled by a human pilot who stands at the centre of the mechanical exoskeleton, using arm movements to drive it forward at 20mph (32kmh) , all in an almost noiseless manner. 

The human-controlled Prosthesis bot, relies on electro-hydraulics with direct haptic feedback to produce motion. The cool thing about all this is that the Prosthesis is just one of many other exoskeletons to battle each other in giant "Mech races" whis is simply a newly Envisioned racing event exclusively for robotic Machines. The machine is fired to attain fifty centimeters of suspension movement, thanks to custom engineered air and coil over-shocks, as reported by the Designers. This gives it the ability to overcome tough terrains and possibly outrun other machines.

Its Use will most likely be restricted to "Mech Races", but when it does end up being available for Commercial production, End-users particularly Robot Enthusiasts will definitely find some expanded use of it. The concept of "Human piloted mechs"  engaging one another in familiar human-sporting scenarios (in this case racing) is still quite young in the minds of many, nonetheless all efforts geared at this undoubtedly maps it out as the sport of the future. The cost of getting one may be slightly above the affordability of many lovers of the game, but as frankly stated by makers of other Luxury items, If you have to ask the price, then you can't afford it. It remains to be seen where all these may eventually lead to, but for now we'll keep our fingers crossed for further developments.

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