Apple Adds a Podcast Powered News Feature To the HomePod As It Prepares Siri For It

Apple HomePod
Apple Homepod

HomePod, the clear competitor with the Amazon Echo, designed by Apple to revolutionize the way music is enjoyed in the home with deeper concern on music and sound quality also supports Siri commands. Apple ran into hitches in the cause of kicking-off production, a while ago. Luckily enough, reports now have it that Apple intends to begin a sooner-than-expected release this year. 

A lot of new features are coming to the Homepod which for now includes,  a Podcast News Feature. A single voice command to the device like "Siri, What's on the news!" will keep you Updated with the latest News from different Podcasts. Washington Post is presently set as the default audio news read in it. Notwithstanding, You do have the liberty to change it to the audio news feed of your most preferred news network   

This smart device does have its system tweaked to dish out excellent interactivity with the user, in such a way that is appropriate to the setting. Most often than not, when no display is available to give the user a visual idea, Siri's role does come into play.

Like all other things technology-related, there is no slowing down in the potential, Intelligent assistant-driven devices could have in the world around us, as various News Networks are vying for  an opportunity to go beyond mainstream routes to more decisive mediums of information circulation       

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