Fuchsia OS Features on the Pixelbook

Fuchsia OS running the Pixelbook
Fuchsia OS running the Pixelbook

The Obscure Google's Fuchsia operating system which is currently under Development, is now compatible with another Device, Google's $1,000 Pixelbook. Despite this Operating system being widely  perceived to mimic that of Android OS, there is however speculation that it was built ground-up separately. Acer Switch Alpha 12 laptop and old Intel NUCs are also supported by the OS.

Yet to be clarified, is the seeming strife between Google and external developers, in the sense that the developers have not been granted full access to Familiarize themselves with Fuchsia as it runs on open source emulator QEMU, but the graphics stack needs Vulkan support, which QEMU doesn't offer, so they get a blank command line but unfortunately not the OS interface.

Transforming it to work on Pixelbook is no simpler task. Google makes it clearly understood among external developers that it wants mainly in-house development for Fuchsia OS, at least at this stage. This is evidenced by a lot of technical issues developers are encountering in their quest for the OS development, For example, installation guidelines do recommend installing the OS on the Pixelbook with a USB drive, but with a cost, as the process is destructive to the USB device. This Simply means that the USB would have to be Formatted to be used again.

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