Steve Jobs Paved The Way for Laptops 10 years Ago

Steve Jobs holding a Macbook
Steve Jobs holding a Macbook

Steve Jobs of blessed memory, was a pioneer of sorts, from reinventing the way we interact with smartphones (by changing actual keypads in earlier smartphones to on-screen keyboard in the Iphone), also creating the remarkable MacBook Air. Apple’s Macworld 2008 remains the most electrifying Apple event of all time, which was heated up by a lot of other precededing activities which made headlines during that period, the likes of; the annual Consumer Electronics Show and the close of Bill Gates days at Microsoft. Steve Jobs Unveiled the MacBook Air in a dramatic way and we were all visibly excited to see how neat it was, in terms of its thinness and small size. At the time, it was the first of its kind and it certainly blew the doors wide open to possibilites we can now see everywhere, as the standard of Laptops of today are modelled after the MacBook Air.

Steve Jobs giving a macbook presentation
Steve Jobs giving a a Macbook presentation

Rewind to the earlier period of Laptops, all you could posibly get was a 3 pound, one-inch thick system with a couple range of displays. The really cutting-edge thing about the apple MacBook Air was fact that it came out thinner than the Sony TZ Series (which was considered to be the slimmest laptop back in 2008). This laptop did set the pace for other Laptop Manufacturers to follow.


The MacBook Air had some turn-offs, as the CD drive and many ports were removed but a multi-touch trackpad, SSD storage, micro-DVI port, headphone jack, and a lone USB 2.0 port, were all seen featured. It cost a whooping $1,799 then.

There's a lot of competition now, so there are laptops out there with more advanced specifications and displays. But as always for Apple whose stance on quality remains overwhelmingly strong, their customers keep coming back, that's why the MacBook Air still sells at a retail price of $999 today.

Apple launched the 12-inch MacBook later on but without upgrading it to sideline its more recent competitors, such as Dell’s XPS 13, Microsoft's Surface Laptop and many others. For now, we are yet to see any major scale up of design that may be made to the Macbook series but as they say, 'everything has it's season of shining', and yes for the MacBook Air it has indeed shone brightly and may be approaching it's last days after so many years of great reviews and highlights.  

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