Michael Kors Branded Array of Android Wear Smartwatches

Michael Kors Wristwatches
We all love Smartwatches don't we? Due to the ease of receiving notifications, weather updates, giving powered voice-control commands and yes, all without lifting a finger to access other smart devices. There's also a bunch of miscellaneous apps designed exclusively for smartwatches which possess huge potential. Speaking of which, Michael Kors, makers of Luxury Smart watches, is letting out more and more colorful smart watches like the Sofie and Grayson Android Wear 2.0, in a stylish  promotion of it's spring 2018 collection series. Google Assistant comes incorporated into both smartwatches. They will also contain My Social which is an app that enables a smart wear user to connect to his/her  Facebook or instagram account, making it possible to save one's profile pics as the Smartwatch watchface. The month of January saw the introduction of a microapp named 'My Next' by Michael Kors, it's purpose will basically serve as an event reminder app.

Sofie smartwatch model for women

The Smartwatch producer, has not left the thirst for feminine oriented versions unquenched, as it displayed the Sofie smartwatch model polished in rose-gold and two-tone color finishes. The new Sofie android wear model is bound to receive some modification in various colors like; the gold white-silicone encrusted version, and the gleaming sky blue other. The Michael Kors Grayson models does see some color action as well, in dark green and in two-tone silver and black. So if you've been thinking when the time may be right to get yourself a budget friendly, good quality Hi-tech Timepiece, now is the time, as they are all currently in stock on online stores.               

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