Now is the Time to Set a new Twitter Password

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You may have always wanted to change your Twitter password but due to the tiresome feeling of committing it to memory or the mere hassel of passing it for the old password, may have prevented you from doing so. Rather, you just stuck with the old password.

Interestingly though, Thursday was a day of nightmare for Twitter, which revealed that they experienced a software bug which exposed users passwords. Twitter made known the fact that they store users sensitive information (like Passwords)  in a hashed  format using a combination of letters and numbers in order to conceal the password. So in the event of the bug attack, passwords of account owners in twitter were plainly open.

Twitter released statements to calm tensions which may arise as a result of the incident, by stating that the possibility of passwords taken from their database is very low and that the overall systems were insulated from hackers. The company did also advised users to change their passwords to reduce chances of account compromise from occurring, as certain holes are still being plugged to keep users passwords and information protected as a whole.

Twitter has given the public no idea whatsoever as to what actually lead to this ugly occurrence. Staffers of Twitter were also exempted from likely causes of it. This is one incident capable of lowering users confidence in the security of social media companies but on the bright side,  it enables you,  the end user to take more proactive steps to secure your account by making use of 'one time passwords' and 'two factor identification'.

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