The Real Deal in Maximizing CoWorkplaces and IoT

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IoT and coworking spaces, as interesting as they both sound are linked together in a number of ways. For the public observers who may be unfamiliar with the topic "IoT and coworking spaces", it represents the merging of technology and office environments to improve usability and efficiency of users in the work place.  Lucas Seyhun, co-founder at The Farm Coworking, made emphasis on the potentials of furthering the concept while also affirming the social-friendly approach it incorporates, as he is certain that the technology will accomodate face-face interactions rather than degrade it.

what comes into play here, are three technologies all working hand in hand to strengthen coworking communities; number one is the Kisi cloud-based platform for physical access control, which uses mobile devices or cards to give coworking members access to spaces.  Backed up by the first technology is the coworking space atx FACTORY located at Austin. Its founder vijay mehra pointed out that “With this technology, our members can use the application to access the facility via their smartphone 24/7. We did not want to hand out clunky access cards and really wanted to embrace mobile technology in our space, especially with many of our members being mobile and virtual themselves.”

“It is really easy for us to restrict access as we have certain discount memberships that are limited to the time of day they have access to the facility. It is also really easy for us to deactivate the cards if a member cancels. There is no need to collect or have an inventory of access cards,” Mehra continued.

Bernhard Mehl, co-founder at Kisi, revealed “Kisi’s vision is to bring open access to the world of things – and we started with real estate. Typically buildings have  been locked up and we believe IoT can change that.”

Technology Buoyant Enough To Control Workspace 

Second on the list is WUN Systems being a workspace management system for coworking and shared spaces. Warren Hersowitz its sales director listed its core structure “WUN offers a platform that will manage the technology of the space including data/WiFi, phones and door access. Even more, the services can be specified around a specific membership plan or member’s needs – for example, a member who needs 24/7 access, ability to access conference rooms when booked, data plan with certain bandwidth and a voice line.”

Hersowitz explains further: “The platform also allows for automation, which can increase the revenue for coworking spaces by allowing them to offer services like 24/7 meeting room access (as opposed to only when staff are present), create a better customer experience (through the portal or phone app that allows instant sign-ups and access to information) and increase efficiency of the staff.”

Thirdly is XANDEM, an enhanced motion detection and tracking technology which inspects workspaces without a camera but with broad coverage. Occupants in a coworking space are represented as an "X" on the screen.
The company’s CEO and founder, Joey Wilson, said: “There are many XANDEM features that might appeal to a coworking space. Maybe users of the space want to check to see how busy it is before deciding to come in. XANDEM can show them how much action is happening. If the building owner wants to save energy by automating the lighting system – XANDEM can do that.”

XANDEM takes away privacy worries from users of coworking space and gives them assurance of confidence in a roboust network system supported by Wilson after issueing this statement “In many locations, video surveillance is not appropriate due to privacy or confidentiality issues. XANDEM provides real-time monitoring without going overboard. All that one sees on the interface is a little “X” moving around on the floor plan.” The entire plan is a critical one as it rests on the shoulders of
pioneers doing great work in the Tech workspace field, but we can rest on our oars knowing fully well that systems are being put in place to keep us going with less hassels to think about as we go about our meetings, and other office related duties in the nearest future.
a screenshot of XANDEM
A Screenshot of XANDEM

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