California Cops Arrests Syndicates For Stealing $1Million worth of Products From Apple Stores

California Apple Theft
An Apple Store

Reports have it that no fewer than a dozen criminals have been apprehended or still on wanted status by California cops. Those in question were found guilty of catering away valuable Apple products across various Apple stores located at 19 different counties in the state of California.

The stolen items are said to amount to a total value of $1 Million dollars. Footage revealed the thieves wearing facial-concealing body wears upon entering the respective Apple stores, looking suspicious and clearing all doubts by stealing Iphones and hiding them in pockets; all unnoticed. All thanks to Law Enforcement personnel's of California who worked in unison via Oakland and Luis Obispo departments to bring the culprits to book. Information reached us that seven have been arrested with nine having warrants for search.

California's Attorney General has given out a strong statement condemning the act while also encouraging investors to remain calm and confident while going about their businesses in the state.

This is one incident which deservedly provoked a quick response from the government due to a foreseen drop of trust in business security likely to occur,  as Apple won't find this funny owing to the fact that it pays taxes to the government in excess of $15 billion with lucky leftover cash to settle it's internal expenses and make it's usual acquisitions.

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