Why you need Airpods Powered by Powerpod Case Wireless Charging Technology

Airpod and Powerpod case wireless charging

Airpods are wonderful earbuds which we all love, and all thanks to a new accessory called Powerpod, your airpod gets to stay portably charged to keep you more in the beats. The best part is that the Powerpod comes at a price much more affordable than whatever Apple may throw at us in the future.
Airpod Case
Airpod Case

For analysis sake, PowerPod is a container made up of silicone with an opening to insert your Airpod case. The inner area of the of the Powerpod has copper installed in it which is insulated  and obscured from view. The copper coil as a component of the powerpod, transfers energy from your wireless charging pad to your AirPods case through a Lightning cable linking the container to the case.

The Powerpod is a reasonable accessory to own and is worth the talk. It feels like an unnecessary weight for a short time during your early period of experience with the powerpod, but after that you'll get the hang of it. With Apple now taking most, if not all of its product lines wireless, there remains a few devices left to get incorporated into the world of wireless charging.
A Set of Airpods


The Powerpod is a must have for those who want to enjoy the freedom in effortlessly charging their Airpods (it requires a physical effort though, as the airpod case won't just magically insert itself into the Powerpod for charging) but no more than that. It just saves you the hassle of plugging it to power through wired connection.

Powerpod case
Powerpod Case

Using the Powerpod to charge your Airpod is slower when compared with good old wired-charging via lightning cable. Powerpod offers significant padding to airpod cases against shocks from falls to hard grounds and also features silicon as its core electrical charging component which you may find cheap-looking. It gets dusty more often than you may expect, so you may need to take a dry handkerchief along with you to wipe it clean every now and then. It also features a plastic cover to enclose your air pod case.

Die-hard fans of wireless devices will find the Powerpod helpful in keeping them on the move, as they do feel tied down to one place no thanks to wires all over the place. However, loyalists of Wired technologies will turn their faces to another direction and keep on using their beloved wired devices which is all just a matter of familiarity with the respective charging methods on both sides. Powerpod currently sits on shelves across stores worldwide, so you can get yours at the Amazon Store nearest to you.  

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