The iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max Models

Models of Iphones
Models of iphones

Models of Iphone

Apple did well this time around -yes- much after launching the XS, XR and XS Max Iphone models. The XS, XR, and XS Max stand in order of increasing grade. Apple settled with three different models, three different storage sizes and nine distinct colors.

To achieve a good understanding of the Iphone variants, visualize the XS as the updated iPhone X, the Max as the new Plus and the XR as a reemergence of the cost-saving Iphone SE. So we'll dig in to uncover the release dates, features, prices, and options.   

A picture of iPhone XS

                              iPhone XS

The iPhone XS

The iphone XS as apples flagship smartphone, features a more basic Iphone look, with a 5.8-inch diagonal OLED “Super Retina” HDR screen with 458 pixels per inch, which for the record is a bigger display than that of the iPhone 8 plus. Also, the XS is slimmer and packs a reduced screen volume. Further along is it's; dual 12 megapixel cameras designed to offer stabilization, 2X optical zoom enhancement, including the new depth control Portrait mode feature. The Iphone XS 64GB model retails for $999, 256GB for $1,149, and 512GB for $1,349.

Iphone XS makes its market debut in gold, space and silver gray colors, as they  all individually adorn standard aluminum casings. Don't forget to also note that they are all water-resistant to a maximum depth of two meters.  

The iPhone XS Max

 As the say 'with bigger comes better', the iPhone XS Max is good whenever you crave to go overboard and demand premium-quality from none other than Apple. It features a 6.5 OLED “Super Retina” HDR screen which makes it currently stands as the largest screen-sized iphone, as it surpasses that of iphone 8 plus's. It also comes coupled with twin 12 megapixel lenses (for stabilization of images), 2X optical zoom, and lastly Portrait mode depth control.  

iPhone XS Max

                                        iPhone XS Max

Iphone XS Max also makes its market debut in gold, space and silver gray aluminum finishes, all water-proof to two meters. It's storage models cost a $100 additionally to those of XS at; 64GB for $1,099, 256GB for $1,249 and then 512GB for $1,449.

The iPhone XR

This is one marvel of a smartphone which is not heavy in features but steady and ready to battle it all out against many other respectable Smartphone flagships of various reputable brands. it doesn't possess the sharpest, biggest and most colorful display, but it does feature specs worthy of note which includes; 6.1-inch diagonal LCD “Liquid Retina” screen with 326 pixels per square inch, Portrait mode depth control and only one 12 megapixel camera lens (with no support for stabilization and no 2X optical zoom like its XS variant). 

 iPhone XR

                               iPhone XR

It doesn't possess as much pixels as it's variants, deficient in 3D Touch and HDR display, and also doesn’t feature extended water-proofing depths coverage (works to a maximum depth of 1 meter), which all just conclusively means that the iphone XR is a little short on a list of features available to its other variants (the XS and XS Max). Apple, indeed made efforts at boosting the iphone XR Specs by adding 1.5 hours of battery life to it and providing six color choices to its aluminum casing, ranging across; black, blue, yellow, white, red and coral. Its availability comes at a retail price of; 64GB for $749, 128GB for $799 and 256GB for $899. 

You may have been waiting for this one well, you've got it! Surprise! Surprise!! the iPhone 7 now retails for $449 and the iPhone 8 for $599. If what you want is a device with headphone jacks, we won't be seeing it in any of these recent apple smartphones unfortunately, as it has been completely phased-out. You can however get it in the iphone 6S and SE

Please note that the XR is due to make its market entry, scheduled by about a month (pre-orders starts on October 19th and shipping on October 26th.) after its counterparts. -The XS and XS Max are already up and running for pre-order-.

Apple, just keeps coming back at its various interest groups -its loyal fans, admirers, not too loyal fans, distant observers- never mind you get the point! But one thing is for sure, one can never go wrong with the vast array of iphones at the market place waiting to be bought, so buckle your sandals and head out to the store to get one.

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