Scanmarker Air Enables You To Scan Text and Save It

Scanmarker Air

Like all other revolutionary products of technology, the ScanMarker Air Scanner is one device that sets the pace. It is a resourceful piece of tech hardware which saves users lots of hours, in carrying out document formatting activities. 

Scanmarker Air scanning notes

For note-takers the ScanMarker Air is a device built and designed with you in mind. Officially named "ScanMarker Air Wireless OCR pen Scanner", it does a lot of cool things your average Pen or scanner can't do.

If you happen to be in the process of organizing a report or highlighting key texts from different sources (books, printed articles and many more), the ScanMarker Air will certainly stand as a must have. It enables you to scan text wirelessly via Bluetooth (one line at a time) at a quick pace of one line per second. 

It then turns scanned data into a raw image, with which it then employs its inbuilt Text recognition OCR Technology to transform it into text format again as it conclusively inputs the transformed text into any input field of ones choice such as; a Tweet post, presentation slide, word doc, CSV file and countless other file formats.

Scanmarker Air

ScanMarker Air is an important utility gadget, and an innovative technology among other devices of its kind. The Text-scanner is capable of editing scanned text, which it then reads back to a user aloud, after translating it into a preferred language. There are more than 40 languages to choose from, to select as your default one. 

As part of it's functionalities,  the scanner makes its innovative mark  in its final cycle of operation by either sending scanned information to a smart phone application, delivering as an email or uploading to the the cloud across similar-interest platforms such as;  (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon cloud, e.t.c.).

Its battery life span, lasts for nearly 7 days of typical usage, before a recharge will be required. It is Light-weight (as you can see in the photograph it almost gets engulfed by an average human hand and can comfortably fit into your pocket, suitcase or handbag as the case may be.

Scanmarker Air fits easily into pockets, suitcases or handbags

The ScanMarker Air officially retails for $149. However, if you tend to be a bit picky in colors, you're in luck,  as you will be able to access various colour options, due to a host of hues manufactured by the company, as the ScanMarker Air launches in white, red, pink, sky blue, black and aquamarine colors. 

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