Dell’s XPS 13 (2017) is a Laptop for You

Dell 2017 XPS  Front view

Despite becoming of age over the months since its official release back in late 2017 and at an initial retail price of $899, Dell’s 2017 XPS 13 is a high tech laptop worthy of recognition. It comes equipped with Intel’s eighth-generation processors. Dell shrank the display bezels of the original XPS 13 to what we can now call the not-to-best Dell XPS 13. It fits into the category of 'most portable computers' out there in the marketplace. It features a 13-inch touchscreen display  inferable from its code name XPS 13.

Dell 2017 XPS
The Dell XPS 13 has an ultra high definition display with a resolution of 3200 x 1800, Windows Precision trackpad, a keyboard with good ergonomic design, and a fingerprint scanner for speedy user log in. The laptop is designed with two common full-size SD card slot (not available in many modern laptops), full-size USB ports, and a lightning fast USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 port -proving  to be quite an upgrade from Dell. 

Dell 2017 XPS  ports view

A battery meter is seen on the left section of the Dell XPS 13 which enables you to check power status when the computer’s lid is closed.

Dell 2017 XPS  Side view

If you decide to go along with the 16GB RAM model of the Dell XPS 13 Laptop, upgraded with Intel’s eighth-generation Core i7 processor and the sizeable 512 GB PCIe solid state drive you won't be disappointed but there is also the base model which retails with a 256 GB PCIe solid state drive which is still fit enough of a storage size for you. The 8GB and 16GB models can easily handle heavy graphics processing demands of different sorts in a noise-free manner. Its battery life is officially pegged at 22 hours of continuous use.
Dell 2017 XPS  Webcam view

Dell’s XPS 13 webcam seems (not sure about you though!) oddly placed at the bottom left corner of the display frame, if for anything, owing to global best practices by competitors of localizing a laptop webcam at the top-central point. Nevertheless it still displays properly with minor deviation from normal webcam picture/video coverage.
Dell 2017 XPS
Dell 2017 XPS  Rear view

The Dell XPS 13 may not be all what you may expect from a high-end laptop but it decisively affirms its place among the plethora of powerful Laptops.

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