Google upgrades Android App Bundles: Building of Instant Apps made simpler

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Android App Developers are going to be on a celebratory mode, all thanks to Google which launched a couple of new features to ease the process of building smaller apps that download quickest as well as the release of instant apps that allow potential users to trial a new app without having to install it. 

The newly introduced Android App Bundles, is a feature that equips developers with app modularization capability and deliverability of features on demand. The Parent company Alphabet made this known some time ago. currently, a huge number of app bundles are in production (Literally in the thousands), with a 35 percent chunk reduction in average file size. Certain policies are undergoing changes as revealed by Google; uncompressed native libraries installed on devices are getting some tweaks to modify how app bundles handles them. This leads to downloads with 8 percent smaller APK size and 16 percent less memory consumption on a device.
Android App Bundles

Despite this particular observation still being in an incubation stage, Google has with reasonable consideration made it possible for developers to go ahead and upload app bundles with installed APK sizes reaching as high as 500 megabytes. App Bundles are also now supported in Android Studio 3.2 stable and Unity 2018.3 beta.

If you recall, Google notably made giant leaps toward futuristic advances in Instant App capabilities by enabling end users utilize Apps without having to download them to their host devices. All that was required was to tap the Instant App icon and it ran. For starters, Instant Apps is a feature that allows App developers to unveil a limited version -a glimpse if you may- of an app as a trial or to show a part of the app experience when users come in from direct search results, all without the requirement of having to download the fully featured app via the typical download route.

Google as the worlds no.1 android pace setter, has however made recent updates to its App Bundles policies by allowing developers code instant apps by themselves. which plainly means that they don’t have to publish both an instant app and an installable app. Rather, through App Bundles they can package an instant app and a single app together and publish to the Playstore instead of building both separately. This effort made by Google precisely promotes code maintainability and efficiency.

Instant Apps improves app capabilities which fine-tunes them for premium titles with subsequent playstore publish follow-up for suitable pre-registration campaigns. 

Miscellaneous updates for Android App developers consists of; advanced crash report systems that now merge real-world data from users with that from the Firebase Test Lab whenever Google takes notice of crashes of those nature in both scenarios, subscription  billing for apps, and a host of many others.

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