Best 2-in-1 2019 (Hybrid) Laptops You Can Afford: Review


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Hybrid Laptops, What They Are And How To Take Advantage Of Them

Hybrid laptops are halfway between traditional laptops and tablets, or rather, combine the advantages of both technologies. There are not many hybrid laptops in the market and at the moment we will have to wait for their development because consumers prefer to buy their laptops and tablets separately. 

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Advantages Of Hybrid Laptops

Hybrid laptops are characterized by having a touch screen between 10 and 13 inches attached to a keyboard, which in some cases can be separated and used as a tablet screen. The advantage of these hybrids is that you have everything in one. You will forget to bring laptop and tablet to all parties, as this gadget will turn out to be just enough.

Hybrids are the ideal devices for the new Windows 8, designed for touch screens. Big manufacturers such as Samsung, Asus, HP or Toshiba, among others have already prepared their models with which they intend to stand up to the leadership of the iPad.

Hybrid Laptops Available In The Market

As we said at the beginning, there are not many hybrid laptops that we find in the market. HP, Samsung, Asus and Vaio are the manufacturers that have taken the most models so far. We have selected three  hybrid laptops to give you an idea of ​​how they are:

Samsung Ativ Q

In this hybrid laptop we find the Android and Windows 8 systems, a quite novel fact. The touch screen is actually a tablet with Android system and under the keyboard we would find Windows 8, changing from one operating system to another at the touch of a button.

The screen is  13.3 inches. The operating system of the screen is Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The keyboard, which houses the Windows 8 operating system, runs on an x86  Intel Core i5 Haswell processor with an Intel HD Graphics 4400 GPU. The RAM is up to 4 GB and has a 128GB hard drive. It also has a main camera and a battery with autonomy of almost 10 hours.

VAIO Duo 11

It is a hybrid laptop very close to the ultrabook, inspired by Intel with Windows 8 Pro operating system . Its screen is touch and is attached to a keyboard that can not be separated. With a slight movement, the keyboard moves to the screen. The most remarkable feature is that it allows you to write and draw with the digitizer pointer.

The Sony Vaio Duo 11 processor is an Intel Core series i7 series . Its RAM is 6 GB, but there are also other versions with 8 GB. It has 128GB to 256GB of storage and the resolution of the Sony Vaio Duo 11 is 1920 × 1080 pixels, which allows images and videos to be seen clearly and clearly. The keyboard, somewhat narrow makes writing more uncomfortable for a while.

Lenovo Yoga

Lenovo is one of the best valued companies in terms of hardware. In the hybrid notebook market, it has two interesting proposals: the Yoga 2 Pro and the ThinkPad Yoga.

In Yoga 2 Pro the screen can rotate 360ยบ, which allows it to be placed in all kinds of positions, offering both the typical portable mode and the tablet mode. Both laptops are ready for  Windows 8.1 - the new version of Microsoft's operating system, which comes pre-installed. The processors are Intel Core i7 ULT and the RAM memory amounts to 8 GB. Until Christmas it will not be available and its price will start at $1,099.

Our Recommendation

If you are someone who likes to surf the Internet, watch videos, check the news and access social networks, and your goal is not to work solely with your computer but with a tablet as well, we recommend that you choose one that you can take anywhere.

If your work is based on the use of the computer, be you a designer, programmer or any other related trade, without hesitation we recommend a powerful PC or laptop with a large capacity of RAM and a good processor and graphics memory.

If you like to surf on the Internet and at the same time have needs to own a gadget to help you seamlessly; work on how to prepare documents, work with data sheets and design presentations without requiring a computer with too much performance sets, the hybrid laptop is designed for you.

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