Ten Ways To Make your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Tricks to make you smartphone battery last longer

The relatively short life of most smartphone batteries have remained a major headache for many iPhone and Android smartphone users.  The ever increasing innovations in the power capacity of smartphone batteries has kept the appetite for better ones distracted, but still hasn't made it something worth calling an issue of the past.

Here are ten steps you should follow to keep your smartphone working for longer hours and at the same time minimize those little wastages that add up.  

Turn Wi-Fi Off 

This is widely known to be one of the top causes of battery drainage. Whenever you leave your smartphone searching for available Wi-Fi networks, keep in mind that it will utilize a lot of resources which consumes battery power at a much faster pace. You can ultimately work around this by switching off your Wi-Fi at any time you do not require making use of wireless internet.

Lower Your Screen Brightness

It's certain that lowering the brightness of your screen will reduce the rate of depletion of battery life because the brighter your phone screen, the faster your battery runs down.

Make Use Of Airplane Mode 

Your smartphone will often attempt to connect to a cellular network by default but by turning on the airplane feature in areas with poor network reception, you'll be saving your battery life. This can be done by switching on airplane mode in settings however,  you won't be able to make or receive calls with this mode enabled.  

Switch Off Your Location Services

There are a vast number of applications which make use of location services on both the iPhone and Android platforms. These applications eat into battery life and will visibly display a 'location icon' at the menu bar to notify you when an app actively makes use of one, so you should disable location services running in real-time, by tapping on the appropriate toggle switch at the settings section to turn off the feature.

Don't let your Smartphone Overheat

The lithium-ion battery of your smartphone is prone to overheat and will experience a reduced battery life span as well as a faster discharge of its stored energy at hot temperatures. You will be better off storing your phone in a pouch, bag or pocket with proper airflow- limit the practice of putting your phone in skintight clothes. You should also keep  it away from direct sunlight and places with above room temperatures.  

Be Observant Of Push Notifications 

If you regularly receive notifications on your phone, be sure to customize your settings in a way it can be battery-saving. This helps to prevent battery inefficiency owing to unnecessary vibrations, sounds and lightings which may all not play nice.  

Utilize 'Clear Managers' For Background Apps

In the process of switching from one application to another, background apps do stay running perhaps unknowingly to you. This ends up consuming a lot of battery life. By clearing background apps, you close a couple of CPU straining services which decrease battery life and at the same time you conserve your data by cutting off data-hungry apps. 

Download 'Battery Guru' App 

If you are an Android smartphone user, you may wish to download 'Snapdragon BatteryGuru', it is exclusive to the android platform and designed by Qualcomm (producer of smartphone chips) . The app learns your usage habits and automatically adjusts features on your phone to optimize battery life. As for iPhone users, there are a lot of suitable apps on the app store, you may want to try one of your preference. 

Use a Background With Dark Tone 

AMOLED screens being more prominent on Android devices than on iPhones, possess pixels which individually use up more power to glow. In essence, that means the  higher the number of black pixels on your screen the longer your battery life is going to be. So,  if you want to save some percentage of battery life you could set up the wallpaper of  your smartphone including your menu background to feature dark tones. You can also try dark themes on apps when possible.  

Use Only Compatible Accessories

It is always best to use official accessories for any given smartphone. This is to prevent any damage that could arise from compatibility issues. Using the right charger for your smartphone may be the spelling difference between a good battery with a healthy work rate and a battery with a diminished life span. 

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