Disc-free Xbox One S debuts

Disc free Xbox One S All Digital
Image source: WinFuture

Microsoft has launched the Xbox One S  as scheduled and it is retailing at a cheaper rate. The company has decided to remove the Blu-ray disc completely to bring production cost down. According to leaked marketing images picked up by WinFuture (via Thurrott), the gaming console might launch on May 7th for €229 in Germany.

The marketing images revealed recently, corresponds with previous rumors and sort of settles all doubts even with the launch date on approach.

If you carefully observe WinFuture's images, it looks exactly like an Xbox One S without the disc slot. This console on the other hand is called Xbox One S All Digital and comes with a 1TB hard drive just like the standard Xbox One S consoles, which retail bundled with a 1TB hard drive.

Microsoft highlights that this console is only for digital games, and that means if you're in possession of any physical Xbox One game, you won't be able to insert them in the console.

Disc-free Xbox One S All Digital box
Image source: WinFuture

If you purchase this console you will get three games for free through download codes -Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and Sea of Thieves. You can then buy more games in the online store or subscribe to the Xbox game pass to access a library of games.

This is likely to cost €229 or less in Germany, with the cheaper route coming from Amazon and miscellaneous retailers.

Microsoft has a well known practice of maintaining price points in USD, which could mean that the Xbox One may retail at $229 in the U.S.

This whole move by Microsoft might be entirely new, but it seems to be testing out its available options, seeing if any makes a hit in the market place as this is in any case, a subscription model. Xbox as a division of Microsoft is moving away from its original status as a gaming console to a newly refined entity as a service brand. This fact points out major contrasts yet to be seen between the Xbox One S All Digital and varying other consoles, which for now is temporary and will all come to light in the course of time.

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