Samsung Recalls Galaxy Fold After Screen Defect Reports

 Galaxy Fold

Samsung, one of the pioneers in Foldables have called for a global recall of the Galaxy Fold devices which were distributed to tech reviewers and members of the press just a day after releasing its press statement, postponing the launch of its first Foldable phone.

Report from Reuters pegs Samsung telling testers to return the Foldables to enable it carry out a comprehensive analysis of the display issues.

Also, information reaching us confirms beta testers to be the cause of the whole drama. Tech reviewers actually peeled off the protective layers of the display leading it to malfunction in many ways. Reports of screen bulges causing half of the display to die off surfaced. The Samsung Foldable is rumored to be facing durability issues in general. Good enough for Samsung, it knows it needs to fix this problem to prevent countless other consumers from going through this embarrassment.

Samsung announced on Monday it will temporarily postpone the Launch date of the Galaxy Fold, which is just a few days away from the previously set date at the US, China and South Korea.

You're at liberty to make your preorder now, as Samsung says it won't cancel the Foldable. So, if you've already made yours, be rest assured you'll be firstly served along with others when it eventually gets launched. The Seoul based company points out that it will keep buyers informed on a detailed press release slated between now and may.

Samsung seems to be working around the clock to fix what needs fixing with regards to Galaxy Foldables and bring nothing other than high-grade tech gadgets to you, the final consumer.

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