How To Clean Your Digital Camera

Cleaning a Camera
The art of photography does not end at the moment you press the button to shoot and capture a beautiful image. The delicate and meticulous care required by a digital camera is an integral part of the photographer.

If this is your passion or one of your main hobbies, it is essential that you learn to clean your digital camera, along with all its parts and accessories. The following points will teach you how to properly maintain it, you can also get more tricks on Bloggingranjit that it accompanies you for many years.

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Build a kit to clean digital camera

Beyond the accessories and tools needed in photography, you must include among your implements,  a cleaning kit for digital cameras, which contains the basic elements for proper maintenance, both external and internal. Generally, these kit include microfiber cloths, lens cleaning fluids, manual air blower (rubber bulb), soft bristle brush and cotton swabs.

Avoid using cleaning liquids or alcohol on the inside of the camera, as they are very abrasive and can damage parts. Also, do not use canned compressed air, especially if you do not have experience, as it contains chemicals that can damage the sensor and air pressure can cause the dust to be embedded deeper into the chamber.

How to clean the body, buttons and knobs

It is inevitable that the camera will be filled with dust, grease or particles from the environment. As with the control of the television, the buttons are the ideal space for bacteria and dirt to accumulate.

Although it can be a simple task, it is necessary to take some precautions to clean the outside of the camera: use a brush or brush with soft bristles and natural fibers to remove any dirty particles. Then, pass a soft cloth to remove the dust. In the most sensitive and inaccessible areas such as knobs, buttons or card slots, you can use the blower from the kit, and to clean the surface of the casing you can use isopropyl alcohol, moistening a clean cloth and rubbing gently. Before doing so, carefully remove the lens and put the lid on.

How to clean the viewer and the screen

The dust and grease also accumulates in the viewfinder. In the case of the viewfinder, you can use a brush to remove any solid particles and a damp cloth to clean it. On the screen, you can use a wet wipe or a microfiber handkerchief .

How to clean camera lens

Knowing how to clean camera lens will help you avoid those common mistakes that are made in the cleaning of photographic equipment, especially when it comes to the lens of the camera. Avoid at all costs using napkins or tissues that can scratch the lens, ideally use a small microfiber cloth.

First, remove the powder with the blower bulb without aiming directly at the lens, aim the mouth of the bulb in a diagonal direction or from one side of the lens. Then, complete this action with a very soft brush to finish removing the remaining particles.

If after this step some dirt such as grease or fingerprints persist, moisten a completely clean microfiber cloth with a liquid such as deionized water, and clean the lens gently. Do not apply the liquid directly on the lens, since it can accumulate on the edges and cause irreparable damage.

How to clean reflex camera lens

Although it is always in movement, the objective is a fragile and delicate element. You can clean the ends of the lens following the lens cleaning procedure. While its outer part can be cleaned (only when necessary) with a damp cloth and rubbing gently.

When and how to clean a camera's sensor

It does not matter that you have a single lens and rarely remove it, anyway at some point it will be necessary to clean the camera's sensor; a delicate process but with a little patience and paying attention to the details you can do yourself.

How can you know when to clean your sensor?

The frequency to clean this delicate part of the camera will depend on the use you give it. An indicator that requires immediate cleaning, is the appearance of spots on the photographs.

To confirm that this is the reason for the spots, place the lens with the diaphragm as close as possible, or at least until about f / 22, and capture a photograph with the lowest ISO to a sheet of paper or surface without textures .

The particles will appear when enlarging the image as small darker circles. If when repeating the process, the spots appear in the same places, you will appreciate having learned how to clean the sensor of a camera.

How to clean the sensor of a digital camera?

Automatic cleaning: Many digital cameras have an automatic sensor cleaning system, which works if the dirty is minimal. But if there are large particles or moisture spots you should opt for a manual procedure.

Manual cleaning: Before starting, in some cases it is necessary to turn off the camera to avoid activating the automatic cleaning function, and with it, the vibration of the sensor. However, other manufacturers suggest that the camera is fully charged, since if it is turned off the mirror can be closed and cause permanent damage. It is important that you verify the manual.

Place the camera face down while you remove the lens and use the blower to remove the internal dust. You will see a transparent mirror that blocks the sensor. Avoid touching the mirror with your fingers or blowing it with your mouth. Gently press the lever of the mirror to lift it and reach the sensor.

Do not blow the sensor with your mouth or use your fingers to clean it, as you can damage the optical filter and lose the warranty of the camera. To remove the dust you can use the blower (keeping the frame down) or in its absence, the special sticks that come with a cleaning pad and an alcohol-free liquid.

Keep it from getting dirty

Although it seems an obvious matter, it is important that you take into account that the way you store, move and treat your camera, will determine to a large extent the frequency with which you should clean it.

In your daily photographic activities, be very careful when removing or changing the lenses, since at this moment dirt may enter the inner part of the camera. Take care that it is in a clean place, free of dust and drafts. Also, never forget to keep everything in its case.

However, you have to be realistic, there will be no way to escape dust and dirt. So, build your cleaning kit, including microfiber cloths, a manual air blower, lens cleaning fluids, brushes and swabs; and keep in mind these basic tips to keep your camera impeccable.

You already know how to clean objective SLR camera, sensors and other parts. As you may have noticed, although it has its details, it is not such a complex activity and it is necessary if you want to train as a complete photographer. Therefore, continue learning this beautiful art and enjoy even the care and cleanliness of your faithful companion moments.

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