A survey says one in five US Twitter users follow Trump

Donald Trump

The Pew Research Center, reports that nineteen percent of US Twitter users follow President Donald Trump on the social media platform, with a huge chunk of these users approving of his diplomatic actions so far. A Monday report from the survey of 2,388 US adults who permitted Pew to study their activities on twitter with regards to Trump, between December 2018 and July 2019. 

Donald Trump's official twitter account @realDonaldTrump, has a large following of about 60 million followers, with his followers from countries all over the globe.

There are statistics of 3 in 10 Republican adult Twitter users following Trump as opposed to 13 percent of Democrats -Pew Research. 

Also, 54 percent of Twitter users who follow Trump seem to beam positively at him in approval of his diplomatic actions as of late 2018, while 24 percent of users who don't follow Donald Trump, do the same as well.

Trump's messages appear to be restricted in reach even after he has amassed so much following said Pew: a limited 22 percent of all US adults are actually on Twitter (it's a comparatively small percentage of the US adult male population), its surveys highlighted.

With Ex-President Barrack Obama in view, his reach is considerably of a higher range (at about 26 percent of Twitter users), larger still, than that of Trump, -Pew said.

This is the latest so far since the current President of the US, President Donald Trump, raised eyebrows after posting a couple of tweets hinted to had been a direct racist attack on four progressive Democratic congresswomen, asking them to return to their own countries, despite all being US citizens. The President has faced cautionary replies from presidential candidates and senior lawmakers, all picking at his so-called non-inclusive statements.

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