Google Doodle: Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins takes the world down memory lane 50 years ago

Google Doodle Apollo 50th anniversary

The Apollo 11 moon landing is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and Google sure enough doesn't want to be left out. The most recent doodle on Google's homepage in fact says it all. At first glance, it features a colored sketch of an astronaut alighting from the Apollo 11 spacecraft, by the way Google also went even farther with
creating an animated video in memory of the unparalleled feat achieved by mankind, and to crown it all, the behemoth search engine company ultimately hired the Apollo 11 command module pilot, Michael Collins to take us back memory lane in his own words, as he starred in the video.

Here's the video:


It's an approximate five minute video, notably spanning a lengthier viewing time than most Google Doodles. You should take some time off anyway to celebrate with Michael Collins (a true legend of sort) by watching it attentively, because he explained some events which he alone could have possibly seen back then. 

For fact purposes: Michael Collins wasn't one of the astronaut crew who landed on the surface of the moon, but remarkably, he actually traveled solo to the far side of the moon, as he put it out to us in an intriguing phrase, “three billion, plus two people on one side [of the moon], and me on the other.”, quite astonishing isn't it?

This is definitely a thumbs up to Google, which keeps doing what it can to keep the world open and connected. Nicely done.  

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