Twitter says it'll demystify missing tweets in conversations

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A lot of Twitter users can agree that the whole missing tweets quagmire, has left many in a little bit of confusion. Twitter has publicly said it is trying to change the wrong perception many new users who are unfamiliar with twitter's UI, often have towards it.  The social media giant is currently attaching hinting statements as follow ups to "this tweet is unavailable" messages in conversation threads to better explain reasons why a certain post is unavailable. The affected tweets Twitter says, are those tweets which had been linked to keywords muted by a user, marked as protected or deleted. This is expected to phase in, in due time within the next couple of weeks.

The entire purpose as put up by Twitter is to improve users understanding around the workings that play out in the social media platform when a tweet has been removed by a twitter user. This also helps put away fears that some tweets could have been wiped off by Twitter, keeping its integrity much positive in that sense. 

People! now you know, it never was twitter behind those deleted tweets, at least they claim not to have been the cause.

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