Want to Upgrade to iPhone 11? Great choice and it is now simpler to do so with the new data migration feature in iOS 12.4

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The iPhone 11 series will begin retailing at stores in two months time. There's a whole lot of prospective buyers who will be line for one. Apple has made data transfer between the iPhone 11 and any preceding iPhone model in general, much more easier than ever before. For as many as those who will be making their purchase of the iPhone 11, the need to transfer personal data to your new iPhone 11 may arise. Although it's no news that there's always been several routes to take in the past when carrying out data transfer, via iCloud and computers.

Apple's iOS 12.4 released earlier this week,  features a migration functionality which enables you transfer your data from an old device to a new one via wired or wireless transfer.

iOS 13 beta release, earlier gave us a peek into this new development from Apple, and it brought to light questions which fans posed, regarding the possibility of connecting two iPhones through wired transfer. It is however possible with a lightning cable or a USB camera adapter.

On the other hand, wireless transfer is proven to be more easier to carry out than wired transfer. Wireless transfer can be done when connected iPhones are linked in the the same Wi-Fi connection. It starts with the phone’s setup, where the data-transfer functionality kicks in, as it entirely bypasses iCloud and iTunes backups. 

To complete the wireless data transfer process, ensure both iPhones are of close proximity to each other, then begin the Quick Start process. You will need to sign in using your Apple ID and set up Face ID or Touch ID. Data transfer then commences over Wi-Fi or cable connection, depending on the connection mode selected.

That done, every data in the old iPhone gets moved to the new iPhone, also apps installed on the the old iPhone will subsequently be downloaded on the on the new iPhone directly from the App Store. Notifications on the receiving iPhone will reveal how much time would be left, for the data transfer to complete successfully.

The data transfer feature is simple to do and is basically a DIY sort of thing. It's a feature that can be easily done at home, office or anywhere imaginable. There are considerable limitations anyway for the practicability of this feature. For instance, if you intend to swap your current (old) iPhone for the iPhone 11, then there will be no way to carry out a data transfer based on the iOS 12.4 update, you'll be left with fewer options to take, such as by computer or iCloud.

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