How to Update Your Device Driver Manually For Windows 8

Device Driver Manual Update For Windows 8

Note: For the automatic method of updating your device drivers, read here.

Step 1: Right-click your mouse on the windows 8 Start menu icon.

How to Manually Update Your Device Driver Step 1

Step 2: Left-click on "Device Manager." For administrative access, you may be prompted to enter an administrator password during this step. Input your correct password to continue.

How to Manually Update Your Device Driver Step 2

Step 3: Select a device you want to update from the list of installed drivers. 

How to Manually Update Your Device Driver Step 3

Step 4: Double click on the device driver selected for update. This action lists down a couple of individual drivers of the same category. Then Right-click on the particular driver you want to update. Click "Update Driver."

How to Manually Update Your Device Driver Step 4

Just incase you decide to roll back drivers (the act of uninstalling the latest version of the driver, for reasons of it being incompatible with your operating system and also for improper installation issues). You should follow further steps. It is shown for clarity. 

Step 5: After clicking "Update Driver." A window pops out with two visible options to pick from. The first option says "Search automatically for updated driver software."

How to Manually Update Your Device Driver Step 5

However, this option points directly to automatic update. Choose this option if you want Windows user interface to guide you to
set-up automatic updates for device drivers and the operating system as a whole. But, If that's a little too technical for you to follow up, there is a complete step-by-step guide here in our article. 

The second option says "Browse my computer for driver software." This is the correct option to select if you have either ran into driver installation problems, choose to uninstall the latest version and install an older one, or want to install a device driver from a manufacturer's website (which should be downloaded from a trusted third party website prior to installation via Device Manager).  

Step 6: This step is a pretty obvious one, clicking "Browse my computer for driver software." leads you to this window which specifies where to source the already downloaded device driver for subsequent installation. This window also contains two possible options to choose from. 

How to Manually Update Your Device Driver Step 6

(A) The arrow labeled "A" points to the "Browse" search button and its neighboring search box. You can type in the directory directly into the search box to enable the Device Manager to pick the driver software for installation, while the other route, the "Browse" search button enables the Device Manager to do the 
same in a more visual way by displaying files and folders for facial recognition by the user, as well as a text field for entering the name of the folder containing the device driver which should be much easier to do.

(B) The arrow labeled "B" points towards the option with the caption "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my Computer." Clicking this option basically displays a list of installed driver software that are compatible with the device (as in this case, CD-ROM Drive) and all driver software that are in the same 
category as the device. 

How to Manually Update Your Device Driver Step 7

Step 7: There's also an "Have disk..." button which enables you to insert a manufacturer's installation disk to install a device driver. Click "Have disk..." button, if you can't find a compatible driver for your device (or assuming those available do not meet certain requirements of your PC) and also if you want to install a device driver from a manufacturer's installation disk physically in your possession.

How to Manually Update Your Device Driver Step 8

Step 8: A dialogue box pops out and all you need to do here, is direct the device manager to the specific drive containing the disk for installation.

Note: All Printer devices that refuse to show up in the "Device Manager" menu, even after refreshing the window, will need to be accessed from "Printers" via the "Control Panel."

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