Lenovo Smart Clock with the Google Assistant: More Utility At Your Disposal

Lenovo Smart Clock
Lenovo Smart Clock

The Lenovo Smart Clock is a home hub with a lot of features. It displays pictures, recognizes and flows with natural conversations, connecting seamlessly with cameras.

As a home hub, it won the title of Best of CES 2019 at this years CES event, which is an indication of how much of a utility it can be for the average household. Google just announced a couple of updates scheduled for release for the Lenovo Smart Clock. These new updates will reinvent the Smart Clock to better mirror Google's Home Hub.

And they will be arriving this week in the form of automatic software updates. Plans have been laid out to enable Lenovo Smart Clock to communicate in natural language with Google Assistant. If you've got yours already or intend to get one, you should be aware this setting will activate continued conversations between you and the Smart Clock without needing to say "Hey Google" every time, prior to a new session or question. In the past, Nest Cameras had compatibility with Lenovo Smart Clocks, but Lenovo now boasts of a similar compatibility with lots of Assistant-compatible cameras. Lenovo Smart Clock features a dual-purpose screen which displays Google Photos. 

In comparison with its competitors with the likes of Nest Hub and Echo Spot (both retailing for $130), the Lenovo Smart Clock brings its A game this time around, as a more advanced home hub with less of a price tag (retailing for $59.99) in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Australia.

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