Tesla Re-introduces Free Unlimited Supercharging for Model S Or X

An array of Tesla model s and model x along with a supercharger

It was the cool bonus which everyone talked about, the Tesla Model S or X incentive, which was the freebie these two models came bundled with; free, unlimited access to Tesla’s Supercharging network. Alas, Tesla has reintroduced the free unlimited supercharging feature to the new Tesla Model S and Model X models at this time. Back then, it was originally limited to referrals before it got entirely phased out.  

Here's a tweet from Tesla

But now Tesla says plainly that this is a live promo exclusive to its premium models and will continue indefinitely. 

Tesla made a debut of the unlimited Supercharging feature on the used Model S and Model X, in the past. However of late, Tesla seems to be directing buyers towards it's flagship products in place of the Model 3.

The company also earlier reported a drop in sale of the Model S in 2019, which could be attributed to Tesla's heightened interest in the Model 3. Interestingly enough, Model X sales have spiked this year which at the moment is the only SUV ever manufactured by Tesla.

There's no doubt there is an ever increasing presence of electric vehicles in the world out there, and Tesla’s Supercharging network  keeps getting some attention from the media as it is seen time and again. There's Tesla, and there's other companies when it comes to Supercharging networks for electric vehicles, and we can only hope all-in-all; more cost-effective, reliable, durable and high-speed supercharging networks will emerge to keep electric car owners happy and wanting less. 

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