What you need to know about Apple Card

Apple Card Software User Interface and the Apple Card

Apple recently unveiled Apple credit card along with Goldman Sachs, but despite the fact that Apple states the card will enable you to "Buy things in stores, on websites, and in apps. Or make a payment on your Apple Card. Or pay back a friend in Messages. Or send it straight to your bank account and watch it add up", it is worthy of note, the card won't aid you in making purchases of crypto-currencies, lottery tickets, casino chips and bets, this just being a head tip for crypto-currency hunters and the likes.  Also, Apple credit card won't function optimally on iOS devices with the jailbreak. So you may want to opt out of the idea of jail breaking your iPhone or whatever iOS device you own. 

Note: For Apple card wanna-be owners, to have a good understanding of how credit cards work, read this great article from creditcards.com

Apple says:
"The money on your Apple Cash card can be spent using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac."

Apple Card as a payment service platform

The wallet application developed by Apple which supports Apple Card, and is part of the upgrade of the operating system to iOS 12.4will enable you, if you are an iPhone user to present a card for debit whenever you want to make a purchase. A closer observation shows that card owners will be able to return 1% of the amount of the purchase made using the Apple card, 2% of the amount of purchase made via Apple Pay, and 3% of the amount of purchase via Apple services. 

There seems to be a whole lot that went into the development of the Apple Card concept, which is now a reality to behold. Apple and Goldman Sachs notably both contributed resources to the remarkable project. Goldman Sachs as an investment bank is charged with the role of processing transactions, monitoring reports and the total handling of financial dealings in the operation of the Apple card. Apple on the other end of the spectrum is the sole designer of the Apple Card and it's software user interface on the iPhone.

The Apple Card is scheduled for launch this August of 2019, in the coming weeks. 

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  1. I applied but didn't get much luck through,i think Apple should roll this out for everyone

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