Store your Apple Card in Kerf wooden case

Apple Card wooden case
Credit: Kerf

You should know that, if you keep your Apple card in a leather case, it's likely to discolor it. For you, that could mean avoiding purses and wallets all together. But Kerf claims its here to the rescue with its ergonomic Apple Card protective case.

KerfCase is a small wooden case designed as an optimum place to store your Apple card.  It's got a typically polished wooden appearance with a single card slot to store your Apple Card or any credit card you prefer.

First, Slide the top case off then... Credit: Kerf

Slide out the card. Credit: Kerf

The premium case is an unofficial Apple Card storage case and isn't cheap, having a price tag of $39 for the maple based simple box, and $139 for the “Figured Walnut” case, which if you order, will ship featuring an imprinted customized image.

Kerf also designs wooden iPhone cases, in addition to it's unique wooden, single-card utility, protective case (it says its as thin as its iPhone cases). So, you might want to look it up for more closure if need be. 

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