PlayStation 3: Sony PS3 Review, Specs and Price (Latest Price Today)

The Happy Final Days Of The PS3. 

Oh! so the PS3 has been laid to rest with the launch of the PS5.

Fat, Slim and SuperSlim PS3 Models
Fat, Slim and SuperSlim PS3 Models: From Left To Right
To begin, if you're a gamer or a total newbie, and you're yet to try your hands out on PS3 exclusives this article is for you, or maybe there's a necessity to play some PS3 titles like; Uncharted 3, The Last of Us, Killzone 3, God of War Ascension and the likes. That wouldn't be a bad idea and in fact it's sure going to be fun playing one. I recently got mine (hey- don't tell anyone because i'm not much of a gamer though) and it's been a bit of a maze and at the same time intuitive and really cool trying out some games like; PES 19, FIFA 19, and even Sonic. 

The Play Station 3 is not just a gaming console but also an entertainment system for the family, and it's been over 12 years since its launch in 2006 but its still trying to make its way into our living rooms, anyway lets give it a run for its money. 

Okay, we now delve into the Play Station 3 specifications, as recap of what processing power the console packs. 

The PS3 debuted back in 2006, just when Smartphones were next to non-existent. It has been on the market for more than a decade and is quite dated by comparison with current-generation systems.

The PS3 comes with a single wireless DualShock 3 controller but thankfully, there are numerous packages of PS3 systems bundled with two controllers along with thrilling titles all available on popular online stores. The PS3 can currently play over 1700 game titles download-able from the PlayStation Store, which is truly a 
massive collection of games to play. The PS3 controller connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, and can be charged with a micro-USB cable in-the-box. The DualShock 3 controller is designed to optimally play games on the dedicated gaming console, it features dual analog sticks, four action buttons (square, triangle, circle, cross,), four directional buttons,and four shoulder triggers.It originally debuted in black theme but now boasts of multiple color theme variants like; red, white, blue, red, digital camo, pink, amidst others.

Ps3 accessories are everywhere if you ever need one. There has been a couple of accessories developed for the PS3, mainly by Sony and also by third-party manufacturers. There are some standard wired and wireless headsets Sony has designed for the console, not leaving out traditional media remotes, a charging stand for the DualShock 3 controller, keyboard and touchpad peripherals for the controller and a stand for the PS3 console as well.

Some other important accessories include the PlayStation Move which is a motion controller wand, which connects wirelessly to the console, side-by-side with the PlayStation Eye webcam which tracks the PlayStation move to render real time feedback of game-play. These two accessories are required to play certain motion 
controller-based-games such as; Sports champion, to name but a few. Due to Sony's stoppage of production of the PS3 console, you will have to buy the PlayStation Move and webcam separately as these accessories are not bundled with PS3 systems anymore.

DualShock 3 controller
DualShock 3 controller

The PlayStation Store is a platform in the PS3 system where you can of course, purchase PS3 games, original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games, including dated Sega Dreamcast games. In previous generations of gaming consoles Sony made certain efforts in featuring online connectivity, the PlayStation 3 however was
the first console to feature built-in hardware for online connectivity which further serves as a means of downloading software updates periodically. Playstation stores also offers services to enable you purchase media in excess of movies, shows, utility apps, free demos of titles and also completely free games.

Sony provides a couple of advanced features to paid subscribers, these features include; access to free games and demos, early access to new titles, and discounts on regular items in the PlayStation Store. There's also a functional selection of free games and online storage for game files, making room for local storage. This is in contrast with the more recent PlayStation 4, which mandates paid subscription to carry out online multiplayer gaming sessions, in retrospect, online gaming on the PS3 is free.

The PS3 gaming console has playback support for both Blu-ray and DVDs, this establishes it as an home entertainment unit for the family. it has HDMI and Composite video outputs for HDTVs and compatibility with uncompressed 7.1 Surround Sound through either HDMI or TOSLINK digital audio. It has media streaming services built into its OS, ranging from Hulu, YouTube, cutting across Netflix,  HBO GO, Amazon Video, to Plex and Vudu. Sports enthusiasts are not left out because they can have uninterrupted sports streaming from apps built for sports content to watch NBA, WWE, FIFA, Red Bull, European League, and so on.

PS Vue, a monthly cable-esque media-package subscription service is viewable on the PS3. It contains channels, like Food Network, Comedy Central, AMC, USA, Fox Sports, ESPN among a host of others. This subscription service will be suitable for you if you find it problematic to watch live TV with a cable subscription. Nevertheless, this is one of the modest options available to choose from.  

The PlayStation 3 was manufactured by Sony in three different models, the Fat Model, Slim Model and Super Slim Model, but if you are willing to make a purchase you may want to consider the Playstation Super Slim or the Playstation Slim which are more energy-efficient PS3 models. For the purpose of clarity, the SuperSlim model is relatively trim, measuring 11.4 x 2.4 x 9.1 inches (WHD) and weighing just 4.6 pounds. The console has a plastic chassis with a curved top surface and a combination of glossy and matte finishes. A top-loading optical drive lets you insert and remove games easily without fears of a motorized slot
wearing out which could make a PS3 system unusable. Notably, PS3 Consoles play PS3 game discs as well as Blu-ray and DVD movies.

The PS3 is built with a proprietary processor and graphics solution, with a PowerPC Cell microprocessor (with just 256MB of RAM) and a NVIDIA RSX graphics processing unit. It stands at over 12 years since launch and just can't survive in a face-off with more advanced gaming consoles, with regards to graphics power. What you have in compensation for that is a gigantic library of games. The smart thing about the PS3 titles, are that they are built to utilize every possible ounce of the console's processing power, which hints that you'll likely never feel its shortcomings. Most games run at 720p resolution on the console, while some tweaks give room for upscaling to 1080p. Notwithstanding, current generation systems exude much more detailed textures, shading and appearances. 

The Slim and Super Slim Models (including later-released Fat Models) all feature two USB 2.0 ports, which can be used to charge the wireless controllers or to connect storage and accessories. The rear of the console contains connections for power, HDMI, LAN, digital audio, and a proprietary AV output for converting to 
composite and RCA connections.

The PS3 has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, so you can connect wirelessly to the PlayStation Store via a router or Smartphone (through internet hotspot). The PS3 console comes with a USB charging cable for the controller, a wireless DualShock 3 controller, an AC power cord, and an AV Composite multi-cable. You may need to purchase an HDMI cable owing to preference for one or if your TV lacks support for Composite connections.

XMB PS3 interface
PS3 XMB OS Interface

If you're going to make a ton of game downloads, heavy file transfers to the PS3 console or broad app installs, then you should opt for higher storages, like the 250GB, 320GB or 500GB storage variants, all having at most a $150 price tag. Otherwise the 12GB and 120GB variants will do just fine.

PS3 500GB Box

Come On! no one talks about the PS3 anymore, it's like old news turned ancient

Yep, you're probably right but then again if it's something you don't mind having around to play with during your leisure time, and especially when it retails at a much discounted price as compared with the PS4 and the upcoming PS5, that should settle your doubt. By the way, most media and family entertainment features present on current-generation consoles are also well represented on the PlayStation 3. This affirmatively places it on the list of one of the finest gaming consoles to own in 2021, despite it not quite making the waves it used to back in the early days. 

Note: Sony discontinued the production of the PS3 on May 29, 2017, so the availability of brand new ones are limited, which means you'll be seeing mostly refurbished PS3 systems available for purchase online. 

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  3. Shit with the PS4, i'm all out for the ps5

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