Twitter now lets you decide who replies your tweets.


Twitter announced at CES 2020 that it will unveil a new feature to enable users limit the frequency of hate speeches currently rampaging the popular social media network.

This feature simply put, gives you the ability to decide who can actually reply to your tweet while being able to completely block replies at certain tweets you make. This could be replies of bullying intent, racism, personal attacks or replies of whatever nature you may find discomforting. 

Suzanne Xie, director of product management at Twitter made this revelation recently at the famous CES 2020. 

Earlier on, Twitter rolled out a few updates to its service tools by introducing the ability to mute and block accounts that infringe on your personal space.

Twitter, like facebook is flooded with a huge population of very diverse people which makes all these developments a much anticipated one, as most individuals would preferably opt for more meaningful inter-personal interactions on social media without much of the distractions accompanied with unsolicited replies.

This service begins in the first quarter of this year. A couple of new test features which will give extra control over replies, said to be sited at the compose window will be seen in due time. Reports say users will view an option whether to modify the tweet as a ‘statement’ hinting that, there wouldn't be anyone able to reply to the tweet. 

On the other hand, users will be able to restrict replies to either; a handful of people who were mentioned in the tweet, those mentioned including those you follow, or to generally enable the tweet to be open to replies from anyone who is on Twitter. This excesses will be phased-in in the coming months of 2020 as the tests get concluded.

Anyway for the time being, you'll still get to quote tweets that have limited replies so you can comment on them while we wait with the status of the test still in session. 

That's a wrap up. More updates soon. 

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