Top Three Android Apps in 2020

Android Apps

Android smartphones are amazing devices that can help you get a lot done at great convenience with the tip of your fingers. With an android smartphone, you will be able to stay updated on local and global events trending on the internet, watch movies and even do a whole lot more than these, but at the moment we'll be considering only apps you might find essential for your daily routine and most especially as a newbie to the android techno-sphere.

1. Facebook

This is officially the largest social network on earth, you'll get to connect with family and friends, and be abreast of real-time alerts of social happenings with the aid of the facebook push notifications.
Facebook Android App

2. Twitter

Twitter, being the second most popular social media platform trailing Facebook, is a social network where people can reach out to friends, follow personalities and share great contentIt's microblogging platform famously features hashtags culture, including breaking news functionality for users right on the go.
Twitter Android App

3. Youtube

Youtube has become a global household name and is well known as video-sharing site. The YouTube mobile app is available on android smartphones. The app is filled with countless highly engaging and educative video content set to keep you entertained. There's also a paid subscription package to YouTube Premium, which offers viewing access to premium content including advanced settings such as adblocker, and audio playback while the screen is off (and when outside of the YouTube app), among others.
Youtube Android App

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