The Top 5 Secure Instant Messaging Apps for Everyone

Instant Messaging

The internet has made messaging easier for us. Gone are the days when we had to rely on SMS and MMS to send messages to one another. Today, we enjoy the presence of instant messaging apps that cost some units of data to carry our message across. They even come with the added convenience of allowing us to share larger files than MMS would have allowed for.

That said, though, not all of these apps are for you. Before signing up for any instant messaging app, you need to be sure that they are as safe and secure as can be. That is why we have come up with a list of the most privacy-focused instant messaging apps out there today.

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1. iMessage

It is no surprise that iMessage is the first on this list. 
To start with, Tim Cook – the CEO of Apple – is very big on user data privacy and security. This resonates throughout the company so much that it reflects in their products and offerings too. That said, the privacy of this app is not only by word of mouth.
For one, the messages sent on the platform are encrypted from end-to-end. Users can also choose to have messages stay on for single view, or a defined number of views by the recipient. At the same time, expiring messages is a feature here. 

If there is one thing we can hope for, it is that iMessage comes to Android sometime soon too.

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2. Viber

When it comes to the security of Viber, it is a grass-to-grace story.
They weren’t offering end-to-end encryption on their platforms till the year 2016. Ever since, though, they have always been the more secure pick in the comparison against Skype. This service has even evolved to the extent that it color-codes chats based on the level of encryption it enjoys. Thus, you can know when you are highly encrypted or there is an issue with the authentication key.

However, you won’t be able to get this same level of security in group chats, only the individual messaging options.

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3. WhatsApp

For a platform that houses billions of users, it is just right that they offer a lot of security features. 2016 was the year when they also brought end-to-end encryption to the table. From there, the company has gone on to launch two-factor authentication and the option to sign in to the app with biometrics. 

It is also rumored that the company is planning a widespread rollout of disappearing messages which have been tested on some versions of the app before. 

As secure as the app is, though, data can get leaked from the backup files. For example, a hack to the iCloud/ Google Drive could reveal your WhatsApp data to hackers.

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4. Telegram

If there are only two things that Telegram will be known for, that will be speed and security. They are so amazing that many users even prefer to share their files on this app since it retains quality better than the likes of WhatsApp.

The security features of Telegram go beyond end-to-end encryptions only though. If you delete messages on your end, you can also order that the same messages be deleted on the other end so that you don’t leave any loose ends. You can even time your chats such that they automatically destruct – even on the other end – after some time.

No, that is not science fiction. It is Telegram

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5. Signal

Perhaps we should lead with the knowledge that Signal is a favorite of cybersecurity gurus like Edward Snowden. This tells you how much trust you can put in the app.

The platform remains non-profit, free and fast too. It is even supported by Brian Acton – the co-founder of WhatsApp who left the team when he wasn’t happy with their privacy issues, among other things.

Final Words

As great as these apps are on their own, they can still be exploited with bugs, going through back channels (such as the backup server) and more. To ensure an even stronger chat encryption tech, you can employ a secure VPN to protect your internet data and keep you anonymous when chatting. 

Otherwise, these picks are just great for you.

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