Sony Reon Pocket wearable air conditioner

Sony set to make those heat strokes less worrisome! 
Sony Reon Pocket
Sony Reon Pocket

Sony reveals that it has started retailing its new wearable air conditioner through a startup crowdfunding platform, First Flight, owned by the Japanese multinational conglomerate, Sony, headquartered in Tokyo. 

In the past, First Flight had produced innovative gadgets with the likes of the Wena Wrist modular smartwatch, FES E Ink watch and the Huis smart home universal remote. This time around, the Sony owned startup has redefined the concept of air conditioning with the launch of the Reon Pocket.

The Reon Pocket is a white plastic device smaller than a human hand in size, designed with a streamlined build to comfortably rest just below the rear section of the neck. It connects to android and iOS devices via Bluetooth, and charges over USB-C. Sony's Reon Pocket features a silicone pad on the back, that you can safely attach to your body by pressing the device against your skin. For the most part of it, the Reon Pocket exploits a phenomenon called the Peltier effect to cool or warm itself up by releasing and absorbing heat. There are a variety of ways the wearable can be utilized which includes a handheld option, but Sony says the device is best worn in its dedicated V-neck undershirts with a Reon Pocket slot located at the inner back to enable the device stay secured in place.

A Reon Pocket undershirt, complete with inner pocket on the back.

And that's not all, Sony has launched the Reon Pocket with an intuitive app that equips you with full control over the Reon Pocket’s temperature settings. The app is available in English language for people who might want to make purchases of the device through import. For closure, there are three levels of warming or cooling along with a boost mode option that functions for a maximum span of two minutes. There are also controls for the speed of the fan with automatic modes that begin, whenever you power the device on via its power button as opposed to using the software route. It has a battery life that hovers between 2-3 hours on a single charge, varying on, based on your settings or preferences.

The Reon Pocket air conditioner weighs about 80 grams -which won't feel like much of anything to call weighty, and can be worn without any noticeable sense of it while it rests in the pocket. The device fits well, without popping out under any lower layer of clothing. Slotting in the device while the undershirt is on, could be a major task at first, but you might need a little bit of trials to finally a get a hang of it.

Sony Reon Pocket wearable air conditioner

Sony marketing division says the device can reduce your body surface temperature by 13°C, for instance from 38°C (100.4°F) to 25°C (77°F). These values are technically correct at the surface area in contact but might not be totally agreeable for the entire human body in question as shown in the above pictures by Sony thermal imaging.

Sony's Reon Pocket, feels cold to the skin when in operation, but it doesn't quite take the heat away in the way and manner a home based air conditioning unit does, but in a sense it sure keeps one refreshed at least, a lot better through the hot days.

With that in mind, if you are in the industry of business clothing or somewhat commute to work frequently like most city workers, then the Reon Pocket Sony undershirts might be that spectacular t-shirt that could come in handy, especially in these never-ending summer heat seasons. 

Sony Reon Pocket Undershirt

The Reon Pocket is currently available in stock but is exclusively sold in Japan, and retails for 13,000 yen ($122) for the wearable air conditioning device alone. The undershirts retail for 1,800 yen ($17) and are in stock having optional colors of beige and white.

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