MediaTek to sell Beats headphones to Apple

Beats headphone

Sources say that MediaTek has struck a deal with Apple, to supply the California based tech company with headphones. Beats, along with its headset factories is owned by Apple, and reports have it that Apple is now in talks with MediaTek, to produce certain electronic parts for the Beats headphones.

The Taiwanese electronic giant, MediaTek, prior till of recent had robustly been absent in the supply chain of Apple, which clearly makes this contract the first of its kind between the two tech companies.

However, the precise components which MediaTek will manufacture for Apple, remains vague.

Key personalities involved, reveal the first shipments will be from February to March 2021. This has come to light, despite Apple's stance on non-retailing of iPhones with headphones bundled in-the-box. Apple has nonetheless been considerably investing in its Beats headphones as well as Apple branded ones.

Apple is forecast by experts to sell around 200 million iPhones by the end of the year 2021, and these Beats headphones are going to be one of those accessories users would need to order.


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