5 Best Android Tool Apps (Google Assistant, IFTTT, CamScanner, Google Drive, Evernote -Download On Google Play Store)

Mobile Phones are built to be functional, which is why there are so many apps available on online app stores, all with specific set of tools to carry out certain tasks. Utility apps are one of several categories of apps which help us perform otherwise complicated activities in a shorter amount of time. The Android OS offers a host of utility apps that do a lot of cool stuff for users. I personally have these apps which i recommend for android users, they’re great. Below is a list of the top 5 android tools and utility apps to keep you going.

  1. Google Assistant
    Google assistant is the official Google app and is quite robust in its service offering, ranging from weather forecast update to news updates via it’s google feed, among others, which also includes, regulating of your smart lighting setup, access to online search engine via Google search, route navigation and notifications of free trade market activities. Price: Free.

  1. IFTTT
    IFTTT is an Android tool that lets you connect many apps, and links them together. Here’s an example you can setup your IFTTT account to make autonomous upload to your facebook account whenever you post to LinkedIn. There’s a whole lot more it can do for you, than just that. You can also control your smart lights with the aid of IFTTT, for apps that have IFTTT integration built-in. If you aren’t sure of what recipe you need, you can Google search to get them. Price: Free.

3. CamScanner
CamScanner is a great tools app for scanning documents. It enables you to convert a scanned document to a PDF file. You can also share the scanned item as a Share.txt file, a PDF file or as an Image file but only in JPEG format. There are also several capabilities possessed by the CamScanner, it has an import from Gallery option, PDF settings, amidst numeorous others. Price: (Base) free / (Business Version) – paid.

4. Google Drive
Google Drive is a cloud storage app where you can upload your image files, documents, music files and many other file types all for free, for up to 15.0 GB, but there is an offline mode option where you can access files without data usage, which is amazing for people in places with little access to data network services. All you need to do is to link your Google account to the Google Drive app to get started. Price: Free / Premium – paid.

5. Evernote
I use this app a lot whenever i am on commute to lectures at my university of study, which helps me blog on-the-go. Evernote is a note taking tools app, that provides a platform to read news offline, take notes via “”Blank note””, set reminders in its “”Add a reminder”” feature, and “”Record audio”” as well. Anyway that’s not all, there are a great deal of other options like; “”Add an attachment””, “”Start Sketching””, “”Take a photo””, “”Scan a document”” and “”Tags”” which you can set to group similar files together.
Evernote has a synchronize feature that you can use to log in to any device and still be able to carry on with your work, i find this exceptionally awesome. Price: Free / Premium – Paid.

There are a ton of countless apps on the Android Play store and the Apple App Store, and like myself i choose the most proficient tools apps that would best advance my workflow, getting a lot done for me in the simplest timely manner.


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