Google Chrome and Google Search Console App, Opera Mini, Phoenix Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Spartan), Internet Explorer: Top 6 Internet Browsers To Download. (How To Chat Through Virtual Private Network (VPN) With Facebook, Instagram And Whatsapp Mobile On Opera Mini Desktop App)

Google Chrome:
It is google's trademark browser, which comes pre-installed in all android based smartphones and google pixel phones, as well as Fuschia OS Gadgets (e.g. laptops and desktops, built to function with google licensed Fuschia OS). You can download it via google play store or apple app store.

Opera Mini
Opera Mini is a popular browser with tons of articles available to readers. It has VPN capabilities to bypass internet restrictions. It is available for mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Phoenix Browser
This is a browser produced by Infinix with many modern features like news feed, whatsapp status saver, and so on. It is usually pre-installed on only Infinix Smartphones.

This is a cross platform and very ubitiquous browser, with appreciable functionalities that rival that of google chrome.

Microsoft Edge (Spartan)
Spartan is well known to be a Microsoft's licensed browser, which is unique, built with advanced AI features that will make you surf the net in an efficient way, having data saving
structure and is quite easy to navigate.

Internet Explorer
This is an archived browser, and was once Windows official browser, but has since gone into retirement, with the arrival of Microsoft's newest browser, Microsoft Edge. A typical everyday browser.

How To Chat Through Virtual Private Network (VPN) With Facebook, Instagram And Whatsapp Mobile On Opera Mini Desktop App

  1. Download OperaMini desktop app.
  2. Install the app.
  3. After installation, double click the OperaMini desktop icon to launch the app.
  4. At the search bar, there is an icon labelled VPN (Virtual Private Network), click it.
  5. An option pops up, requesting for virtual location setup, and the actual VPN connection on/off inputs.
  6. Click the toggle switch to start browsing with VPN, via OperaMini desktop app.
  7. At the left hand pane is an array of apps like; instagram, facebook, whatsapp.
  8. Left-click on any social app icon of your choice, you wish to open.
  9. Log in to begin usage of the app.

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