Google Technology Trends, Apple Insider, MacRumors, Digital Trends, IGN, File Hippo, The Huffington Post, Wired, Slashgear, Extreme Tech, Wirecutter, www.Blog.Feedspot.Com, Techradar, ZDNet, Vent, MSN, Ubergizmo: Top (Best) Mobile Phone Technology Blogs, Websites And Newsletters To Follow.

If you are an iOS or an android phone user, here’s a list of technology blogs and newsletters to follow on your mobile phone.

  1. Google Technology Trends
  2. Apple Insider
  3. MacRumors
  4. Digital Trends
  5. IGN
  6. File Hippo
  7. The Huffington Post
  8. Wired
  9. Slashgear
  10. Extreme Tech
  11. Vent
  12. www.Blog.Feedspot.Com
  13. Wirecutter
  14. ZDNet
  15. Techradar
  16. MSN
  17. Ubergizmo

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