Verizon Policy And Historical Impact News: (GDPR) European Union (EU) Regulation 2016/679 (The General Data Protection Regulation) On Focus. At:( /en/verizonmedia /privacy/index.html)

Verizon is a popular American wireless network operator service company headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. It's early mobile network previously operated as a separate division of Verizon Communications under the name of Verizon Wireless. Briefing it's concerned shareholders, in it's own words, in keeping with guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation.

""This Binding Corporate Rules Controller Policy and its Appendices (together the ""Policy"") establish the approach taken by Verizon Enterprise Solutions (also referred to as Verizon Wireline and Verizon
Business) (""Verizon"") to the protection and management of personal information globally by Verizon group members (""Group Members"") when processing that information for their own purposes or as a processor on behalf of another Group Member. Verizon provides a cloud based platform to deliver IT, security, mobility and managed solutions to corporate and government customers. It has a global network that reaches more than 150 countries.""

This is basically a review of the policy framework of verizon in relation to mobile phone internet users from the UK. Available in more detail at Verizon's own website (


In addition to other definitions provided under this Policy, the following further terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them:

""controller"" means the entity which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of
the processing of personal information;
""Europe"" means the countries in the European Economic Area plus Switzerland;
""European data protection law"" means the GDPR and any data protection law of a European Member
State and Switzerland, including local legislation implementing the requirements of the GDPR, as
amended from time to time;
""GDPR"" means European Union (EU) Regulation 2016/679 (the General Data Protection Regulation);
""personal information"" means any information subject to European data protection law which relates
to an identified or identifiable natural person processed by Verizon including but not limited to past,
present and prospective employees and contractors, customers receiving services from Verizon,
suppliers (for example, vendors providing HR services on behalf of Verizon) and customers' and
suppliers' end-users (for example, personal data relating to the drivers of vehicles which contain
telematics products) (each referred to as an ""individual"" in this Policy);
""processing"" means any operation that Verizon performs on personal information, whether manually or
by automatic means. References to the ""collection"", ""use"" and ""transfer"" of personal information are all
elements of the definition of processing;
""processor"" means the entity which processes personal information on behalf of the controller; and
""profiling"" means any form of automated processing consisting of the use of personal information to
evaluate certain personal aspects relating to an individual, in particular to analyse or predict aspects
concerning that individual's performance at work, economic situation, health, personal preferences,
interests, reliability, behaviour, location or movements.
This Policy applies to all personal information that is subject to European data protection law (which
means that it will also include personal information collected by Group Members outside Europe and sent
to Group Members in Europe) which is then transferred from Group Members within Europe to Group
Members outside Europe, or is subsequently transferred by a non-European Group Member to another
non-European Group Member.

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