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We all use applications to carry out one task or the other. These apps can vary from business apps, along with tool apps to news apps and the likes. These apps could also become a very crucial part of our daily lives. However, with the launch of the Android 12 Beta OS, the android ecosystem is a lot more user oriented.

In a newsletter by Sameer Samat, Vice President of Product Management, Android & Google Play, at Alphabet Inc., in his words highlighted that Android 12 is an operating system that "…is secure by default and private by design…"

If at all there's anything to note from the built-in features of the Android 12, it is Google's commitment to Android 12's personalisation and privacy capability. Android 12 is a lot more customizable.

For a start, google analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. To be brief, you should know that, Google Analytics, runs an SDK that allows the gathering of usage data from iOS and Android app, this service is also known as Google Analytics for Mobile Apps.

For most mobile phone internet users, you will often get to see a lot of advertisement shown in android based mobile phone apps. These ads are from a family of mobile ads referred to as Admob.

 Notwithstanding how these ads may be shown to you, it still constitutes a lot of distractions for many people. However, the Android 12 OS, being in its beta stage, addresses a lot of privacy issues; Android 12 is redesigned as an OS that offers greater transparency with regards to what apps access your data, it further has improved controls that helps you, be more proactive on how much data
your apps can fetch.

The new Privacy Dashboard comes re-engineered in a single view, The Android 12 beta is now available on Google Pixel and other latest android mobile phones and devices. It let's you have better control of your smartphone all from the dashboard. Weather applications no longer need your precise locations to give you, your local geographical weather forecast due to Google's 'new approximate location' Android 12 feature.

Android OS 12

Android 12 "Private Compute Core" functionality like; Now Playing, Live Caption and Smart Reply, along with all other audio and language processing occurs on-device, isolated from any third-party network. The security features of Private Compute Core are open source and completely inspectable and verifiable by the technology security community.

On the other hand, Android 12 gives you an enhanced set of widgets and custom colour palette for improved personalisation. With the aid of color extraction, all you need to do is select a wallpaper of your choice and the Android 12 intelligent operating system, automatically determines which colours are prominent, which are complementary and which are great in general. The system further adapts the colours for the operating system, including the volume controls, new widgets, notification shade, the lock screen and numerous others.

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