Larry Ellison Says Oracle Software Now Supports Discounts Up To 33%, For Businesses (Such As; Government Agencies, Universities, Google’s Youtube, Whogohost, Adobe Inc., Bluehost, Microsoft, Hub8, VBHost. Net, World Databases e.t.c ) Which Are Moving Workloads To Oracle Cloud.

Most behemoth multinational organisations and various other groups of companies ranging from Amazon to Microsoft, even Bluehost, Whogohost and also Nigeria’s Hub8, among many more web hosting companies, mainly rely on Oracle’s cloud infrastructure to deliver on the ever-growing demands of the information and technology industry.

Oracle, being a computer technology corporation, headquartered in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. sells database software and technology, including cloud computing services. It stated that it has slashed prices in its range of cloud hosting provisions. So, in keeping with the status quo, with regards to a firm’s structural base, whether it is an emerging startup, a medium scale enterprise or a large conglomerate looking for a powerful cloud service offering company, with a great portfolio of pricing, it should look no further as Larry Ellison, puts it, a “”33% discount for businesses””.

The Oracle Founder, outlines that software support discounts up to 33%, is now available for businesses moving workloads to Oracle cloud as a whole.

This is contained in Oracle’s press release here and also highlighted.

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