Top 7 Most Popular Search Engines To Add To Your Browser

Search engines are robots which programmatically take our voice or keyboard inputs, and relay these data to countless servers, further fetching similar results, and transmitting it back to our devices as useful information.
I learnt a couple of programming languages some years back (only HTML, Jquery, Javascript and a little bit of PHP), and at some point in time, i thought of looking up on how search engines work. You know, the likes of Google, Ask, Duck Duck Go, Yahoo!, Microsoft Bing, AOL, Yandex and so on. At the time i was eager to understand how complex systems could be built from just scraps of lines of code. Anyway, today i still find it great, that i can apply these amazing coding languages in website design, which ultimately led me to found StarklyTech - A mobile device technology blog, awhile ago in 2016, initially via Google+, i.e, StarklyTech's initial third party domain, and it's first micro blogging social media handle.

Without further delay, let's begin. There are so many search engines available currently, and are most within ease of reach via our phones, tablets, smartwatches, gaming consoles, desktops and also laptops. We use these search engines to read news, watch videos (hey, i'm a fan of the talk show host channel), browse information, and do many more other cool things. But what search engine might just be right for you? There are a list of factors, to consider here:

  1. Usability
    This literarily refers to how widespread the browser may be used. Google Search engine is the most visted search engine across the globe with about 3.5 billion searches per day on its search engine console. It has a vast network of databases that are utilised by other search engines such as Bing search engine and Yahoo search engine.
  2. Timeliness in providing information
    All search engines are great at this, however noticeable lag might still exist among the top browsers available today, with Google search engine topping the list.
  3. Server downtime
    No search engine has 100% uptime round the clock, but they all have a minimum of between 1% - 5% downtime, which is not too superb, but isn't below acceptable levels of 88% uptime.
  4. Actual Information payload it contains
    This can be thought of as the amount of information contained and managed by a search engine. The most popular search engines have a higher database of information, than less established search engines.

Therefore, based on the above factors outlined above, Google Search Engine comes first, by rank, followed by Yahoo search engine, and then Microsoft Bing search engine, Duck Duck Go, Ask, Yandex, with lastly AOL. You should try out these search engines if you haven't already as they come quite in handy, in delivering optimised accessibility to online information.

Google Adword Keywords

These are popular phrases used to access information on the web often located at the base of a search engine result page, generally used by a high number of internet users, with the purpose of simplifying search efforts for the general populace, and also utilised by advertisers to enable certain product, to be locatable, in turn by the masses. Whenever you search the web, you will find these google adword keywords related searches, located at the lowest section of the result page, just before the page footer links, and some times overhead or in-between website links.

Say for example, you want to search for the phrase ""new blogger template interface"", assuming you intend to know what new features, google's blogger domain now has. A couple of search results gets shown, StarklyTech gets shown on the first page, but notice certain links with ads shown attached, these are paid google adwords keywords, while towards the end of the page are other keywords you should click if you haven't gotten the result that suits your needs.

Photo Showing Google Keyword Related Searches Via The Search Term ""new blogger template interface"".

Site worth traffic

Google respects content which is not copied from anywhere else but created by the acclaimed author, this often gets rewarded with a placement in a high page ranking. The link to the post shown above, titled ""New Blogger Template Interface -Blogger gets a new Interface"", is no short of a testimonial to that fact. I wrote that post a year back, like all others, and i got ranked on the very first page in a matter of 45 minutes, after i hit the ‘Publish’ button, and it has not ceased to bring in new site visitors. Since then, it keeps fetching some amounts of traffic from StarklyTech’s pinterest handle as well. It sure enough, remains one of my most viewed articles of all time. Nevertheless, the most resourceful contents sometimes do not get past the 5th page, but this in no way means that, these posts are of a lesser degree of relevance, as they are quite important articles, rather, this reveals the real-time competition among millions of websites, desirous of getting shown on the first page or two. As a new phone owner, wanting to get some information from the web, you should expectedly type in a data into the search bar, or voice your request to the AI, i.e if your mobile phone or device has Google advanced search features (including google lens), these get returned to you after much more complex requests from numerous severs, in the form of information.

Photo Showing StarklyTech Page Ranking Via The Search term ""new blogger template interface"".

You may not immediately locate your preferred answer on a single click, but navigating through several pages labelled '1', '2', '3' and so on, will get you where you may find the best search engine result, you seek.

But if you feel unsure on what website might be suitable for you, for forum topics which can be difficult to pin point on search engines, you can visit the link at to know the most visited fourms for easy assessment of social forums that might have solutions to specific technical needs or knowledge you may be looking for. As a demonstration, typing 'Forum' in the search bar will yield popular forums that might be of interest to you, (which is sometimes unavailable on search engines directly).

Advisory Role Goals Performed Here Are As Follows:
*For Efficient Accessing Of Information From The Internet (For New Mobile Phone Users!)
*The Webmaster World Of Google Adword Keywords Planner And Its Implications, To The Everyday Phone User
*Google Solutions On Forum Marketing Analytics And Measurement Including Page Speed Developers' Insights
*Along With Sitemaps: Siteworth Calculators Traffic Analysis For Location Of Unindexed Solutions To Specific Technical Needs On Technical Forums

Here are links to the numerous search engines.


Microsoft Bing
Duck Duck Go


Other peripheral links include:

Siteworth Traffic

Site Worth Calculators


Google Adwords


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