iPhone 13, AirPods 3 and Apple Watch 7 Release Date

iPhone 13, AirPods 3 and Apple Watch 7 Release Date

The popular old saying goes this way ""soldiers go and soldiers come, but the barrack remains"" Well, not to burden you with much army-like vocabulary, but for the sake of emphasis you may reimagine the iPhone 12 as the ""soldier gone"" and its successor the iPhone 13 as the ""new soldier"" and who else but Apple, as the ""barrack."" This fall, is packed with a lot of apple rumors of the speculated launch and release of the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Mini and the iPhone 13 Pro as well as the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Not particularly exciting news, but Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, said in his Power On newsletter back in July, concerning Apple's next event, being likely to be completely virtual, due to policies restricting in-person work, fueled by increasing cases of COVID-19. There are also reports from industry insiders of Apple's plans to launch the iPhone 13, and not just that, but also the release of the iPhone 13 variants on september 17, or likely towards the end of the month thereabout.

In April, apple premiered its 2021 event, which saw the release of iMacs with more colour variants, latest iPads, including a purple-themed addon to last years iPhone 12 collection, with AirTags trackers, to close the list. Further down the year, arrived, WWDC in June, and of course the iOS 15 was announced. However, the iPhone 13 was never talked about in detail at both apple events. But Apple seems to still be in course, and the four iPhone 13 models, won't remain a mystery for the most part of it.

It is expected that a couple of apple line of products, ranging across the iPhone 13, to AirPods 3 and to the Apple Watch 7, will all be released by the end of the month of september. I have been following apple trends for the past five years now, and it is general knowledge that apple releases iPhones on fridays, typically around the middle of september. So, if you are an apple fan, and it's your dream of owning an iPhone 13 on launch, it very well may not be far from being achieved, now could it?

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