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Wireless Headphone P-951 Review

Wireless P-951 Headphone Review: Suitable For Both Smartphones And Feature Phones With 3.5mm Headphone Jack Port.

The Wireless Headphone P-951 is a basic headset, lacking the hype that is typical of Apple Beats head phones, but is designed with an excellent stereo sound quality. It is unbelievably cheap, costs around #4,000 (Nigerian Naira) or approximately $9 (US Dollars). The Wireless Headphone P-951 is everyone's best bet at owning a good quality headset, at a budget friendly price. Of course, it isn't just a headphone but it also has an integrated microphone for answering calls, which kind of makes it more suitably called, a headset.

It has a micro SD card slot, where you can insert your memory card and listen to music. There's an observable 3.5mm jack port to connect to phones or other devices with a likewise compatible port, but you are going to need a 3.5mm connector cable to connect the headset to a third party device. It imbues the bluetooth capacity to connect wirelessly with phones, and other listening bluetooth enabled systems (Such as home pods, computers, e.t.c). I have used the headphone for a considerable amount of time, with up to 5 days of testing, and it kept up with a constant song volume, with it's battery, lasting for over 3 hours on a single charge.

One other remarkable thing about the Wireless P-951 headphone is that just before the long lasting battery ran down completely, there was a warning voice tone, implying that i plug the headphone to it's charger, otherwise it would shut down, it did shut down in a little less than 8 minutes later. I found it a little bit hilarious, but more seriously, it was good enough for a recharge notification. I mean, there are many other bluetooth headsets, out there, but many of these other headsets, lack one feature or the other, which the Wireless P-951 headphone all contains. But like most electronic gadgets in the market place, the headphone is not water-proof, so you might need to keep it away from water or fluids. The headphone can be stored in cool dry place, but a headset hanger will be best suitable for its storage.

How To Open Paypal Account And Use It To Send And Receive Funds.

Paypal is an online payment platform for e-commerce activities, where you can send and recieve payments across the globe. All you need to do is to register on Paypal website, and connect either a credit card or debit card to your account to begin carrying out transactions.
Below are steps, to register and begin proper usage of the online e-payment platform:

1. Type ""www.paypal.com"" into your browser web address search bar to visit Paypal website.

2. Left-click or tap on the ""Sign Up"" link at the top right-most corner of the page.

3. A Recaptcha Form will pop up asking for human validation. You should answer this correctly to proceed to further steps.

4. Choose between a personal and business account. A personal account is used to send and recieve funds, while a business account is used to transfer money for professional corporate-structured services such as creating accounts for multiple people working in a lone business entity.

5. Set up your email and password. Upon confirmation of your password, a redirection link will lead you to the next step.

6. Fill in your basic information. PayPal will request for other supporting information which includes your phone number, date of birth, address, and your name.3 in your mobile phone number. A message shows with the info in quote ""By continuing, you confirm that you’re the owner or primary user of this mobile phone number. You agree to receive automated texts to confirm your phone number. Message and data rates may apply."" Left-click ""Next"".

7. Link your PayPal with your bank or credit/debit card, by left-clicking on ""Add a card"". Paypal will deduct a certain small amount from the account of the card linked to your PayPal, and then refund it back after a short while for the purpose of card verification. A 4-digit code will be requested by PayPal from you, find the Paypal charge shown on your debit or credit card transaction statement. It bears a similar format as this PayPal0000 CODE or PP0000 CODE. In continuation, via your PayPal account, click on the ""Wallet"" sub-menu, then click on the card you choose to confirm. Enter the 4 digits code (an example used here is, 0000) and finally click submit.

8. Once successful, you will receive a notification that you can now start making financial transactions via PayPal.

More info on Paypal here.

Paypal had in the past restricted Nigeria from receiving funds, but has continued to allow sending of funds from Nigeria on its online e-commerce platform. However, Paypal Nigeria is fully functional for Paypal-business accounts. The Paypal Nigeria policy impacted the optionality of using paypal as a means of receiving funds for legitimate transactions for mostly, online workers, like myself. I earlier worked on Fiverr from late 2016 - 2017 ending, and i could in no way choose the Paypal option as a means to receive payments for blog articles i wrote for my clients, which led me to work via other government approved payment platform. This embargo was put in place by Paypal towards Nigeria, to prevent fraudulent activities. However, genuine businesses like mine saw some shortfall in ease of carrying out transactions.

How To Open A Nigerian Business PayPal Account That Receives Money In Nigeria

1. First open a PayPal business account.

2. Set up your payment on Paypal website.

3. Send an invoice with your business account to your clients or try out a second option of requesting for funds from your business customers.

4. You can as well use your PayPal email to receive money from customers.

Also, How To Register With Payoneer And Make Online Hired Wage Fees (Education) Settlements And Payments To Your Salaried Staffs Via Payonner Application Programming Interface (API), A Level 4.71 FinTech Enterprise By Modern Standards.

1 Input ""www.payoneer.com"" in your web browser address search bar to visit Payoneer website.
2 Left-click or tap on the ""REGISTER"" link at the top right corner of the page.
3 Fill in all your details to set up your account creation.
4 To begin making transactions, click on the ""Pay"" or ""Recieve"" menu options.
6 You can now start making transactions via payoneer, you will receive an e-mail informing you that you can commence financial transactions via payoneer.
More info on Payoneer here.

Easy Finalising Of Mass Payments Of Staffs via Payoneer Cards.

The Payoneer online e-payment platform is used for mass payments of overseas staffs, but it does not offer funds transfer services between accounts of a single owner.


Remita is a Nigerian online e-payment platform, which is used by various instiutions to process payments and verify online financial transactions. It is used by government agencies and parastatals to carry out non-ecommerce payments of various forms. Users can login to access advanced features to simplify their online e-commerce financial activities. Here's a link to Remita website (www.remita.net) to begin making e-commerce payments via Remita.

Remita is an electronic payment platform that aids individuals and organizations to easily receive and make bank payments.

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