Google's Android 13 will let you determine the brightness of your phone's LED flash

A hint from a google developer pinpoints that Android 13 will feature two application programming interfaces (API), one of which, which will enable android users to control the LED intensity of their phones. While the other API will give users, real-time information concerning the phone's LED flash.

This comes to light after Google kicks-off its Android 13 development programme, which it officially named 'Android 13 developer preview'.

Phone manufacturers or OEMs, will definitely welcome this development, because this not-too-novel feature will open up more possibilities that will make the control of a phone's LED luminence level from 1 to a higher value possible, based on whatever limitations the hardware may permit.

Despite some high-end phones such as iPhones, infinix top lines and Samsung handhelds already having this component, many other phones won't be able to run this LED controlling command, due to incompatibilities arising from dated hardware.

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