Apple MagSafe Battery Pack update, will enable it to charge iPhones more quickly

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

The MagSafe Battery Pack, has received a new firmware update, to enable iPhones to charge faster than it’s previous benchmark. Ordinarily, the MagSafe Battery Pack can charge an iPhone up to 5W, but with this update, the pack will be able to charge up to 7.5W while disconnected from a power outlet.

Users who want to verify the status of update of their MagSafe Battery Pack, can affix the Pack to their iPhone. And then follow this step; locate “Settings”, tap on “General”, tap on “About”, and then “MagSafe Battery Pack”. the required update is version 2.7.

For more closure, Apple has included further info in its support page on how to update a MagSafe Battery Pack.

There are two options available; one of which entails connecting the MagSafe Battery Pack to a Mac or iPad, while waiting for nearly 6 minutes for the full update to take place. The second option involves linking the iPhone to the MagSafe Battery Pack and then ultimately waiting for an automatic update to complete as it could take more than 6 days, likely up to a week, for it to reach full update status in this particular case.

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