Lifewire, 9to5mac, 9to5Google, NDTV (, Tom's Guide (Tom's Guide Forum), Lifehacker, Tom's Hardware, Softonic, Gigazine, TechSpot, TechRepublic, How-To Geek, IT media Inc. : Top (Best) Mobile Phone Technology Blogs, Websites and Newsletters To Follow.

If you are an iOS or an android phone user, here's a list of technology blogs and newsletters to follow on your mobile phone.

  1. Lifewire
  2. 9to5mac
  3. 9to5Google
  4. NDTV (
  5. Tom's Guide (Tom's Guide Forum)
  6. Lifehacker
  7. Tom's Hardware
  8. Softonic
  9. Gigazine
  10. TechSpot
  11. TechRepublic
  12. How-To Geek
  13. IT media Inc.

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