Qi2 wireless chargers set to hit shelves this holiday season

Qi2 wireless charger.

Introducing Qi2, the latest wireless charging standard ushered in by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and officially disclosed in the early months of 2023. Subsequent updates were scarce until the recent issuance of an official press release by the WPC, affirming the completion of certification testing for the inaugural wave of Qi2 chargers. These chargers are poised to reach consumers just in time for the forthcoming holiday season.

Qi2 presents itself in two distinctive profiles. The Magnetic Power Profile (MPP), drawing inspiration from Apple's MagSafe technology, offers magnetic attachment and supports charging speeds up to 15W. Simultaneously, an enhanced iteration of the Extended Power Profile (EPP) foregoes magnetic attachment while doubling the charging speed, boasting an impressive 30W capability for Qi2 devices.

Embracing the momentum, Qi2 is witnessing swift adoption by its members, who are diligently crafting ecosystems of accessories tailored for Qi2 devices. Fady Mishriki, Chair of WPC's Board of Directors, anticipates Qi v2.0 swiftly establishing itself as the prevailing global standard for wireless charging.

A standout feature of Qi2 chargers lies in their magnetic compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, extending their utility to wireless accessories such as earbud cases and smartwatches. Notably, the press release affirms that the iPhone 15 series will stand among the initial beneficiaries of this innovative standard. Leading accessory manufacturers like Belkin, Mophie, Anker, and Aircharge are already in the testing phase for their Qi2 products, gearing up for an imminent launch.

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