Apple Watch Series 4 - A new Revamped Model

 Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch Series 4

Just after the recent unravel of the new iPhone XS models, the Apple Watch Series 4 has also had its share of public exposure. The Apple Watch Series 4 has an Edge-to-Edge display which is wonderful to note. It's also an interesting revelation that the  Apple Watch Series 4 as well as the iPhone XS are both expected to be shown on September 12, at the upcoming Apple press conference.

Pictures of the Apple watch series 4 has really blown peoples minds away. First-off, 9to5Mac hints that the watch does not feature a regular design seen in earlier models. The display is observed to have been extended to the edge of the of the watch face. This gives ground to earlier speculations that Apple has chosen to redefine its aesthetic touch across upcoming watch models, dating from the inception of the watch series as a whole far back in 2015. The watch will feature a 15% wider display, incorporate increased battery life and enhanced health monitoring capabilities.

Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch Series 4 Image credit: 9to5Mac 
To point more than a few things noticeable in the wider display of the new Apple 4 watch series, owing to the picture published by 9to5Mac above, an analog face which is filled up with many instant-applications ranging from temperature, stopwatch, weather, activity rings, date, music, calendar update and lastly but not the least a UVI index, all of which are distributed across the outer and inner sections of the clock (below the hands of the clock).  

It's a given that the outlook of the watch face appears messy enough, but one thing to take from it is that it shows a mirage of ways to customize the watch face according to the user’s preference.

There also a new hole below the Digital Crown which gives an impression of an extra mic to be lodged there. Crowning it all, hardware upgrades and watchOS software improvements are believed to have been unquestionably dealt with in the new glossy, zero-irritant wrist strap, Apple Watch Series 4. 

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